How to Rock Athleisure Like a Star | Three Ways to Wear American Eagle Joggers for Work, Play, and Travel

It is about time to show some respect to athleisure. Everybody has been talking about it, magazines have been opining about its rise and death, and bloggers have been quick to try their own interpretation when it comes to styling it.

So, what is athleisure exactly? Well, that's exactly what I will attempt to clarify for you in today's blog post. I will then show you how to style athleisure like a star and specifically, I will showcase three ways to wear American Eagle joggers for work, play and travel.

Three Ways to Wear LOFT's White Denim This Spring | A Quick Style Guide to a Chic Work, Brunch and Business Casual Outfit

The well-awaited spring season is here and so is the scary topic of white pants. Should we or shouldn't we? And if we should, then how should we wear them in good taste? Well, lucky for you, my ladies, today's blog post is just about that. In today's post, I will show you three ways to wear white denim this spring so that you can look your very best for work, brunch and an occasion requiring a business casual attire (that you can also use for play, depending on your lifestyle). 

How to Pull Off A Charlize Theron Atomic Blonde Cosplay Outfit by Using Regular Clothes | A Guide for the Nerdy Fashionista

Here's to trying things at least once! On March 30th, I succumbed to my boyfriend's challenge and decided to join him and a couple of our friends for Awesome-Con in Washington D.C. I had only a few days to think of a costume and put it together, so, I  literally had to 'pull a rabbit out of my hat'. So whether I pulled the said rabbit out my hat or not, I will leave it to your discretion. As such, in today's post, I will talk about how to pull off a Charize Theron Atomic Blonde cosplay outfit by using regular clothes from your closet

How to Wear a Trench Coat in More than Five Ways | Meet Clothia's Convertible Trench Coat that Can be Worn as a Trench, Jacket, Reversible Vest and a Skirt that You Can Mix and Match in Infinite Ways

Well, hey there! The trench coat season is finally here and with it, the fiercest hunt for the best and chicest trench coats.  Can't relate just yet? Just give it a few days .... or a few rains... or who knows.... it may very well be that by the time you finish reading this post you will be experiencing some major 'trench coat envy' :-). And I would not blame you because today, I will share with you, one of my most exquisite finds 

From Airport to Runway | How to Transform Your Travel Outfit with a Few Quick Changes and by Accessorizing the Right Way

Before I started blogging I always admired Miranda Kerr's flawless airport attire. I'd like to think that nowadays I have developed a personal style of my own that is chic and individualized enough to create my own version of a great travel outfit. So, in today's post, I'll share a few tips on how to transform an airport outfit into a runway-worthy one with a few quick adjustments such as