How and Where to Score the Latest Luxury Designer Shoes You are Dying for, Like Prada, Alexander Wang, and Givenchy | Part 2 On Luxury and Quality Shopping on a Budget

n my previous post I discussed about luxury and quality in general, and shared some of my favorite stores where I find the best deals and unique designers clothes and shoes.

Today, I'll continue the luxury series and talk about shoes, how to identify quality and luxury shoes, where to buy the very best, and what to look for when investing in a luxury or quality pair.

The Art of Dressing Like a Blogger on a Shoestring Budget by Employing Creativity, Smarts, Know-How, A Little Thriftiness, and Timeliness | Part 1 - On Luxury and Quality Shopping on A Budget

In today’s blog post, I’ll share with you how you can dress like a blogger on a shoestring budget, by employing creativity, smarts, know-how, a little thriftiness and timeliness. I’ll also share with you some of my knowledge and beliefs on luxury and quality, some shopping tips and some business acumen when thrift shopping for luxury.

Wear A Boyfriend Blazer With A Lace Top To Dinner And See How Luxe Your Valentine Outfit Will Look

Just a few days ago a wrote a post From Office To Dinner: A Chic Valentine's Day Outfit That You'll Wear Again and while I was writing it, it dawned on me that I could have shown you a few more fun and easy ways to style a date night look with just some quick  adjustments, based on your style, preferences, venue, and occasion. So, here is it, that promised, spin on the look that I mentioned in my previous post: the same blazer styled this time with a different denim, boots, and top if you want a little more polish extravaganza for that night but the same effortless vibe.As usual, below see my easy-to-follow style tips.

From Office To Dinner: A Chic Valentine's Day Outfit That You'll Wear Again

It is no secret that when it comes to holidays, anniversaries, or social occasions, we women, tend to overcomplicate things.... And yes, that goes with outfits too. Today, I will show you a quick way to style an outfit that you can easily take from office to dinner for Valentine's or a date night and which you can wear times and times again. That way, you will never have to to go out shopping for an entire outfit the day before (duh!) because you have nothing to wear (really??!) when your closet is full to the brim.

6 Cool And Fun Ways You Can Style Plaids in An Innovative And Unexpected Way

I gotta say that I wasn't sure about the plaid trend in the beginning. A fews years ago I thought it was cool when it Zara was sporting plaid tops with zippers on the back but this season when it first peaked I found the blazers a little too preppy for my taste. Here is the good news, though, the plaid is expanding to areas, so, if like me, blazers are not your thing, you can incorporate plaid into other items of your clothing. In today's post, I'll show you 6 cool and fun ways you can style plaids in an innovative and unexpected way.