Wearing: Armani Exchang jacket | Club Monaco sweater | 7 For Mankind jeans | Vince ankle boots + leg warmers - see suggestions below my post.

So, as you know, over-the-knee (OVK) boots have been in high regard for the past few seasons, and, I suspect that they will still reign for the next season as well, with a little tweak in color or design. That said, I love OVK boots but what’s a petite girl to do to find a pair that fits her perfectly? As gorgeous as they are, in my experience, most of the OVK boots are either too long or hit too high on the thigh or they are too large on the calf, or both …which steals from that polished aspect when a boots perfectly hugs the leg.

That said, since most of the OVK boots are not petite-friendly, I decided to create my own by adding an over OVK leg warmer. The concept is not new but as they say, “[t]he devil is in the details”. So, in order to get a clean polished and credible OVK boot look, you need to be style them right. What does that mean? It means that you have to:

·         pick a length that is at least  20” or  longer so that you cover part of the sole and hit above the knee

·         the leg warmer should not be too thick as to avoid the 80s gym look; look for cotton -made ones but pick a more luxurious texture that will have some stretch but not too much as you don’t want them to slip down

·         pick them in dark colors: black, rich brown or burgundy/wine; a little texture is fine as long as it doesn’t add bulk, so go for a thinner & elastic fiber and avoid embellishments such as buttons, pom-poms, lace, snaps etc.  Remember the point is to make them look like OVK boots, not leg warmers :)

So that’s really it. I hope you like how I styled my leg warmers with my Vine boots ( that I have been living in for the past two season cause they are so cute and comfy !). Below I provided you with some options for leg warmers so, let me know if his solution worked for you and whether you have better ideas about styling OVK boots for that perfect polished look.

Until next time.





Jacket : Armani Exchange; old, see similar styles in the direct shopping links provided in  my previous posts

Sweater: Club Monaco; old, see direct shopping link below

Jeans: 7 For Mankind; old, see similar styles in the direct shopping links provided in my previous posts

Boots: Vince; old, see similar styles in the direct shopping links provided in my previous posts

Leg Warmers: old; see similar styles in the direct shopping links belo