A Week of Sunshine & Lux in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Fan of golden sand, endless summer days and a carefree stay ? Then read on as this is for you, sunshine baby.

Last week was phenomenal. I spent an entire week at The Grand Luxxe Resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. There was sun, breeze and rain, but also top notch service, gourmet food, live music, beach time, pools, and a multitude of guava margaritas ... There may have have also been a few super delicious French pastries with very strong and flavorful coffees, but I can neither confirm or deny ...🙈 exactly how many of those were involved.


The resort was impressive and comprised of multiple buildings divided into "collections" by themes (there was Mayan theme as well!). We stayed at the Grand Luxxe in a studio that had two beautiful balconies, a living area with a kitchen corner, and a generous bathroom with a shower and jacuzzi. The resort is virtually a little town with everything you need from restaurants, pools, spas and entertainment, to shopping and wellness centers.

It was refreshing to start my day sipping coffee in the balcony and taking in the greenest and freshest view. It rained almost every evening, but it was beautiful and calm: a perfect symphony to listen to while enjoying a glass of red wine before winding down.


The decor was phenomenal and tasteful, from the lobbies, to the spas, restaurants and cafes... I couldn't get enough of everything ....


The food would please any cosmopolitan foodie, in aspect, taste, creativeness and variety. From fancy dinners to French bistros and taco bars ... it was all there to enchant and charm your senses.  I would start my day with an organic pita sandwich and a freshly squeezed juice, lunch on "couture" burger sliders with lobster, shrimp and octopus and finish my day with a light dinner and a desert.



There were pools everywhere...everywhere. Iguanas made an appearance occasionally and tried to stare you down for food and cocktails , but were otherwise friendly :-)

The beaches had restaurants that carefully catered food and cocktails to the sunbathing subjects in front of an ocean that was tamed and rhythmic, a pleasant noise in the background. 

Would I go there again? Absolutely.

I've learned the importance of living in the now and existing in harmony with myself.


Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed my post and will take the time to disconnect now and then from all things that so deceivingly seem pressing.

I hope to write another travel post soon :-)