How To Work Oversized Sleeves For Petites

Is the oversized sleeves trend suitable for petites?

I have been debating the oversized/ exaggerated sleeves trend for a while as  I kind of love the powerful statement that the volume creates. And here is my conclusion,  based on personal experience:

  1. The oversized long sleeve shirts do not work for me as a petite although I have an hourglass silhouette and long legs based on my proportions.  I find that the relaxed fit of the shirt as well as the length of the sleeves shortens me and the overall look just isn’t polished.

  2. The exaggerated bell sleeves do work on blazers, sweaters and shirts, so long as they are cropped and are only oversized but not longer than where your knuckles start. Preferably go for a ¾ sleeve length. Also make sure that the blazer, shirt or sweater fits your perfectly in the shoulders. You already have volume on the sleeves and a poor fit on  your shoulders will make you look wider than you really are.

  3. The tighter long sleeves, typically will work if they do not pass your knuckles. You usually see this design in knits.

STYLE TIP: If you are petite, wear oversized/ exagerated bell crop sleeves or wear long sleeves that do not pass your knuckles. See suggestions here, here and here.

Wearing: H&M dress with long sleeves; also similar here  // Ego Official OTK boots // Camelia Roma mini satchel also convertible into a mini backpack.