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Today I am going to let you in a little beauty secret of mine, specifically how I keep my under eyes area wrinkle free. So what’s this secret weapon I am talking about?

So what’s this secret weapon I am talking about? It is a cute purple device that I am featuring in this post and it is called the Tria age-defying eye wrinkle correcting laser.  It is cute and smart and serves a double purpose: prevention of wrinkle formation and wrinkle correction. And yes, you read is right and this time, this device delivers what it promises. There is not overselling or marketing pitch here: it is pure science, finally put to good use and delivering amazing results.

So what’s so special about it and how does it work exactly? To put it in lay terms, it is a laser (also approved by FDA for in -home use) that causes a controlled damage to the skin forcing it to regenerate. Essentially, this device does what our skin does naturally when we are younger: it renews our cells because we are still growing. Once a person is mature, the skin’s ability to regenerate decreases with every advancing year, hence the process of aging sets in. What Tria does, is cause little controlled burns signaling to the skin that some repairs are in order. Naturally, the skin starts producing collagen to repair the little cuts and the under eye skin becomes more elastic and wrinkle free after 5-8 weeks of use. 

Is it painful? Not really. There is a little discomfort due to the prickliness but the burns are microscopic and what you will see after the 2-minute treatment is some redness. I calm the skin by rubbing gently ice to reduce the inflammation and speed up the healing.  I also use the Tria eye moisturizer that contain Vitamin C, so great speeding up the healing process and for the brightening the skin. I also love that this device is ergonomic and cute and that the treatment takes only 2 minutes. So, I have no excuse not to do it.

In terms of discomfort:  you may have a little redness the second day after the treatment, especially in the beginning, but after a few treatments your skin gets used to the treatment dynamic and the redness is minimal.  A little concealer will hide any successfully. A little dryness is also normal, so, make sure to use a great moisturizer during the day.

My verdict for this device: it is pure scientific perfection and there is nothing else besides on the market that will reduce the wrinkles naturally. There is Botox, of course, but those injections work by immobilizing the under eye muscle so that the expression lines do not deepen into your skin.  However, Botox has many drawbacks. Besides being pricey and requiring repeated treatments, Botox doesn’t address the aging of the skin; it only temporarily immobilizes the eye muscle. Tria on the other hand, forces the skin cells to repair so it is a way to induce your skin’s natural regeneration. As such, following the treatment, your skin is elastic and young, just like it was in your 20s.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed my post and found it useful.

Featuring: TRIA eye laser

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