How To Transition Your Summer Clothes To Cozy And Chic Winter Layers

I have been taking a special interest in layering as of lately. That’s because when layering creatively, the end result can be a very unique one. Also I am not a big fan of heavy clothing so, layering thinner clothes keeps me warm but doesn’t bulk up my frame (which is very importantfor my small frame).

So how to layer creatively and what to layer? Shirt dresses, button down skirts (mini or maxi), and even graphic t-shirts can be great contenders for Fall/Winter layer.

STYLE TIP: I am a big fan of shirt dresses and maxi skirts that emulate the shirt dress look, like the one I am wearing. But feel free to add your own spin by picking asymmetric pieces, interesting textures or even wide leg pants as an under layer. Think of interesting combinations that add to your comfort but also add textures. A linen-wool combo or a silk- fur combo can look interesting and keep you warm as well.

Thank you so much reading and I hope that you found my post useful. 

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