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I can’t believe it's February and that Valentine is around the corner. December was a season to be merry and February is a season for love :-). For that reason, I will share a little love story with you behind that sample sale that I just posted on my shop page.

If you have been on my blog and follow me on Instagram, you already know that I have recently launched a small clothing line for petites. What you don’t know is why for petites and what went on behind the scenes before this line came into being.



Because I am petite and because, as I also mention in the “about me” tab, grace to the vanity sizing in the US, my size was effectively eliminated. How is that possible? Well … vanity sizing is basically a little secret lie, very well kept in the industry, that essentially changed the US sizing  in such a manner that women would think that they are a smaller size than they really are. Let me explain: in Europe I am a size 32 which should translate in size 2 in the US. However, in the US, I am size 00P. But as you probably know, most sizes in the US start at 2 and most brands also do not carry petites. So, basically, the vanity sizing system eliminated the original sizes 2 and 4 which are now 00P (or 00 in the regular fit) and 0P (or 0 in the regular fit). Essentially women who wear size 2 in the US are in effect size 6 as they would have been in the pre-50s when vanity sizing did not yet occur.

This little vanity sizing conundrum and my perpetual quest for something more unique in my size, prompted me to make this clothing line that was supposed “fill the gap” and address the fashion needs of small-framed petites. Sure, the luxury brands run smaller and they do carry size 0 most of the times but they also come with a luxury price tag. So, the idea behind this line was to create affordable fashion-forward pieces for the petites, who have their options limited to just a few department store brands such and Ann Taylor and Banana Republic.



Well… lots of passion + lots  …and lots .. and lots of work. I travelled to Europe to find a small manufacturer that would take my small order and treat it with the same respect and priority offered to the established brands. And that manufacturer is in Moldova, Europe.

The technical part of the design was projected by a very witty lady by the name Juliana who has a master’s in technical design and who accompanied me to the various stores where we together picked fabric and trims and lining. She and I had endless conversations  about this line and soon we became good friends. Today, we speak to each other almost every day, bouncing ideas as to how to materialize the design in my head into a functional, practical yet beautiful piece that every woman would want to wear.

As for the people involved into the cutting and stitching, well these are two other wonderful and skilled ladies who love what they do in their little sunny atelier and are compensated wages above what the industry in Moldova pays. I know that work performed with content and happiness is beautiful work and besides my desire to ensure that my clothing line was created in a conscious manner, I wanted to ensure that these women were happy coming to work and were not financially worried. They loved working on these pieces and find them unique and full of joie de vivre    (love of life :-)). So, all I can hope for is that you feel the same way when you wear one of these uniquely created pieces.

Happy Valentines






P.S. Samples are the first material design created for a clothing line. Some may never go into production because they ended up being too complicated or too expensive to manufacture or because the design ended up being modified for various reasons or purposes. Most of the times, the sample is the design worn by the model on the runway and or at the photo shoot so that the images of the design are made available to the public.


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