The weather is relentless. The rain is poetic but it feel like Fall rather than Spring. I long for whites and flowy and airy pieces but the cool weather pushes back, making me reassess my wardrobe choices. They say when options are limited, one gets more creative and I could not agree more. Wanting to wear silks and sheers, I push my creativity boundaries and experiment more with layering options do, here’s another look from my layering series.

This time, I opeted for light cashmere sweater with a sheer silky shirt on top. You can wear other sweaters so long that they are thin. I’ve mentioned in my previous posts as well: I love playing with contrasts of color and or texture. The result is always a pleasant… or …fun one

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you next time.

OUTFIT DETAILS:  LOFT shirt // LOFT cargo chino pants //  Mango sweater // Gina shoes


Stay fab and chic,