Today I am sharing another castle story, the Pena castle that I visited while staying in Sintra, Portugal. This one is more joyful and colorful and my thought when I looked at it was: wow… it’s like the castle from the Cinderella cartoons and Disney World. And maybe on the surface it does look a little bit like that. But… walk around it and you will see that the walls have rough solid rock supporting it or emerging from it that intertwine with intricate details and designs and tile work. It’s like a giant child put it together, at different times and mixed in a little bit of mountains in it. The castle looks from some angles as if is practically emerging from a mountain rock… It’s quite amazing …

I will not say anything other than that it was spectacular and majestic … and colorful. You can almost hear the call to the ball.

Below is a picture from its famous chapel.

As for fashion, as you can see that this princess opted for some white overalls that day+ an off-shoulder top and a sweatshirt that I wore around my shoulders as it was almost evening and sort of cool outside.

I can only say that Sintra is an amazing work of geographical art and that you should add it to your bucket list. It’s the sort of place that reminds you why ecological efforts should take place despite any inconvenience to our modern lives. For a life without beauty and art is a hollow life, says the maiden in the white overalls J.

 Leaving humor aside, being in such places puts things in perspective and makes you realize how beautiful nature is, how great the mankind’s imagination is, and how lucky we are to still find places like this in the word. 

If you do decide to go to Portugal, ask the locals whether there is a castle in that area. There is no shortage of castles there, especially Moorish ones, and people are so used to them that they don’t’ even think of mentioning them.  It’s like baguettes for French: would you like a castle on the side? Yes, please. Any. Given. Day.

 Thank you so much for reading.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you soon when I’ll talk about my visit to Morocco.




OUTFIT DETAILS:  Ivy Revel sweatshirt// GAP overalls // Isabel Alexander off shoulder top (soon available for pre - order in my e-store // Forever 21 sneakers (old, see similar options below)