I’ve been looking forward to document some of my travel adventures so, here is the first one that I would very much love to share: my recent visit to Sintra, Portugal where I saw some castles, tasted some amazing flavors and maybe even got a glimpse of some dragons. About the dragons: so maybe I did not see them but they would surely fit in Quinta da Regalieria’s mysterious landscape and all I needed to do was to close my eyes and imagine Daenerys calling out for them. The scenery made it completely believable.

This castle is one of the most amazing ones I have ever seen and it came with some serious entourage: a magnificent garden with exotic trees and sculptures, a labyrinth of grottoes that you could get in and out and which communicated with the Initiation well ( such and amazing and scary construction!), a chalet, chapel, solarium etc… Clearly, this castle knew how to handle a visual ritual of several course meals and as it checkmated my senses into a perpetual awe.

As for fashion, it definitely needed to be practical as we spent three hours exploring the amazing castle and its surroundings and we still did not get to see everything. So, if you plan to visit (and you should!) dress comfortably (and chic!). I felt comfortable in sneakers and semi-formal capris with a white top over which I eventually put on a chic sweatshirt as it was getting cooler. If you visit Portugal in May- June, know that they have a bit of San Franciscan weather. Layers is the best way to go as it gets instantaneously cooler and warmer when clouds show up and disappear every 5-10 minutes. I call it “the perfect fashion friendly hiking weather” as you keep cool but don’t feel cold and your make-up has the perfect staying power that would make even the most prestigious beauty brands green with envy.


Thank you so much for reading.

Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll share with you another adventure from Sintra, Portugal.



OUTFIT DETAILS:  Ivy Revel sweatshirt// LOFT capris (old, see suggestions below) // Forever 21 white sneakers (old, see similar options below)