It is hard to find statement pieces that are versatile and can endure fads and trends. So here is a little tip for when you pick those statement pieces that often also come with a hefty price tag: pick them in a neutral color or earthy tones. Beiges, crèmes and tans have always been glorified by designers, regardless of seasons and trends. 

And that’s because they inspire images associated with luxury and refinement, so, they never go out of style. Pair them with contrasting colors and you’ll add freshness to your look. Or … you can play the monochrome game – so popular now - and look very sophisticated. 

Another option, as I mentioned above, would be to pick statement pieces in earthy tones. Try camel - this color has a certain warmth and nobility about it, no wonder it is on repeat every single Fall. And to make things even more interesting, try to pick pieces with different textures (silk, suede, fur, linen etc) to add dimension or volume.

This trench dress is a statement piece in disguise: it is beige in color, made out of a silky fabric that has a very soft and calm sheen. I also love its design: half trench coat, half evening wear, which makes it both a current (see the micro-trends of shirts and dresses with open backs) and a classic piece. Taking my own advice, I picked this dress in a neutral beige color so that it endures trends and offers me a variety of options to style it differently in the future.

It’s a timeless statement piece and Dezzal offers a wide range of garments such as this one, worth cherishing and investing in. What I like about Dezzal is that it curates a palette of modern designers from Korea and China that push the artistic boundaries to new heights but don’t shatter your dreams of exotic vacations and careful financial planning. It’s a modern woman’s dream: high fashion at an affordable price tag. I also like that each piece is carefully crafted and that the details are carefully executed. In a sea of fast-fashion stores carrying knock-offs of the latest trends (built to last just several wears so that you come back for more!), Dezzal is a breath of fresh air where quality, design and price make a kickass team. You also get a 20% of your first order and you accrue points for every purchase that you make, points that you can redeem later.


Thank you so much for reading.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you again soon.




OUTFIT DETAILS:  AGD dress available on Dezzal // Charles David shoes (old) 

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