I love living and consciously perceiving my existence in today’s age. Revolutionary things are happening, technology is so fast paced, science and medicine are advancing like never before, and so is fashion. 

Just 20 years ago fashion and functionality would have never crossed paths. But today… fashion is omnipresent and omnipotent. It is smart and considerate. 

Today celebrities are showing up at red carpet events in flats. And this is the age where women don’t have to choose between being comfortable and fashionable because we can have both. In fact, we can have it all. The more creative you are with your style, the better.

Sudio is one of these smart and fashion-forward brands that knows that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for usefulness. Their selection of earphones clearly shows much consideration for women who have a wide range of picks from gold to rose gold or pink subtle details.

And when a hi-tech set of earphones has 8 hours of wireless connection via Bluetooth and a non-tangle cable with a perfectly elegant length, and … is also stylish and modern - that’s why I call the super-woman killer combo. Because it has both the beauty, and the brawn …and the brain. And to make them even more irresistible, these blessed miracle earphones also come with a stylish leather case where you can keep them tucked away when you are not  listening to your music, exercising or driving and conference-calling your annoying boss.

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OUTFIT DETAILS:  featuring Vasa Bla – Rose Gold White earphones, courtesy of Sudio // LOFT top (old, but similar here, here and here) // Old Navy linen pants and here // H&M mules