I love timeless outfits. Their versatility allows for variety so, I can style them with many pieces in my wardrobe and get completely different looks time and time again. For me, those are pieces carefully selected because they have a shape that flatters my body and because of their uniqueness and quality. That’s a principle that I don’t deviate from and I am always satisfied with the outcome. 

I apply the same principle when it comes to accessories. I love unique and futuristic pieces. They can really add some polish to my entire outfit and one doesn’t exactly know why, but add one statement piece like that, and, suddenly you are a magazine page. 

Show me wooden earrings with metal accents, futuristic shapes or shocking minimalist lines for my rings and necklaces – and you got my attention.

It is only fair that this watch from Jord caught my eye. It’s has an oversized dial that always looks good on a delicate wrist. I have always liked big dials in watches, way before the big watch frenzy descended upon us in the past 2 years. They weren’t making them for women often but I borrowed them from the boys :-)

I love that this watch is such a contradiction of concepts. It’s made of wood so when you hear that, you think of a hippy watch made to save the planet. But not this watch. This watch is not made of just any wood: it’s made of a noble wood called ebony, dark as the kohl and smooth to the touch. It has gold metal accents creating such a luxurious outcome. I feel spoiled and adored wearing it. It’s a watch that I may let my boyfriend wear now and then. If I feel like :-)

It’s a time piece that is timeless. Style wise. Functionality wise, this watch runs like clock work :-)


Thank you so much for reading.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you again soon.




Jord unisex ebony and gold watch // Isabel Alexander top and wide-leg pants Isabel Alexander (coming soon in my e-store)


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