I love shoes. I buy them uncontrollably. I collect them. I’m partial to high heels but I’ve learned to enjoy and wear all shapes and sizes, including ballet flats and sneakers. It’s an evolution and I am open-minded to all kind of shoes… so long as they are well made, fit me perfectly and are unique. 

First, I look at the style. If it’s minimal & chic, has unique details, or is futuristic – it’s contender.

Then I look at the quality. I study the workmanship, the material, and the details. It’s important that they are flawless. I look at shoes as accessories so they need to fit in and enhance.

Then I look at the comfort. They can be beautiful and well-made but if they are uncomfortable and poorly constructed as to make me feel the weight of the world when I take a step, then they are gone, gone, gone, baby. And you can tell me as much as you want about inserts and paddings - those never worked for me. I can always feel them, and my foot still feels uncomfortable or slips. So, I don’t ever wear any of those. Also, my point is that if you are going to invest in a quality pair of shoes, you should not have to look for gimmicks to make them fit you. A good shoe, has all the qualities I’ve mentioned, and you should never compromise. All three are needed, all three or … nothing.

I did not have to compromise with these boots from Pretty Small Shoes, a quality shoe mecca catering to women who are sizes 2-5 in US sizes (32-35 in European sizes). Keep in mind that size 4 shoes are highly sought after and are so hard to find in the US, especially in fashion forward designs. But Pretty Small Shoes has over 800 styles available in these sizes, including in size 4. 

But getting back to my exquisite boots, they are made of suede and are light as a feather. They are custom made based on my actual foot measurement and I was also able to customize the height of my heel (how cool is that?!). They fit me perfectly, are soft to the touch and I love the little Swarovski crystal details. In any other circumstances I would only wear these in the evening(because of the crystals), but these make such a subtle impact that I can wear them from day to night as you can see from my two outfits that I featured in this post.


Thank you so much for reading.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you again soon.





First Outfit: Vince dress (sold out, see similar options below)// Pretty Small Shoes Fergie boot

Second Outfit: AGD dress available on Dezzal // Pretty Small Shoes Fergie boot