Given the current fads, you can wear boots all year around. And while that’s fashionable, I am a strong proponent of practical fashion. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t take comfort over looks. I expect both, as I look at fashion as practical art and it has to serve me well, both visually and functionally.

So, about those boots. Yeah they look good, but unless they are made of breathable or mesh fabric, I will take a pass on wearing them in Summer because I care about my feet. And my hygiene :-)

So, what to wear that looks stylish that’s not a boot or a pump? Well, how about a cross between the two that’s has both the looks and the practicality… and a little badass-ness? These Valentina Rangoni open toe shoes I am wearing are perfect for a transition to a cooler season while showing some nostalgia for the Summer times. The best part, they are super comfortable and have suede accents and some fringes that are still in for this season (and you probably saw those fringes in midi skirts and jackets!). 

But if you know me, you also know that I like to customize the trends and don’t follow them to the tee. These shoes satisfy my interpretation for the fringe fad, keep me comfortable and current, and I hope you liked them just as much I liked styling them.

Thank you so much for reading.





Old Navy linen dress / Zara skirt (sold out) , layered on top of the linen dress (similar options below)/ Valentina Rangoni shoes / H&M mini bag (sold out, similar options linked below)