NYFW 2017 – Day 1

Here I am packing for New York, on my way to experience my first New York Fashion Week (NYFW). It’s a new milestone for me, since I just reached another one recently: one year since I started my fashion blog. I leave with a solid plan to attend just two shows a day and to cover 4 days only out of the NYFW. My intention is to enjoy the fashion and the New York scenery, its food and shopping … The goal is to turn this week into a mini vacation, since I am already overworked, juggling my blog and a full time job :-)

Day 1 goes according to the plan and I get my first bite of the NYFW. I attend a collective show promoting emerging designers such as: Hoff, Skyblue by Abby Alba, Yvette Crocker, Grier Co, Wanda Beauchamp, Lord Burchen, Arevir Fashions, Marquise Foster, Binzano Couture.

The weather is quite warm and a little steamy so I wear the open back top with a fur strap and wide leg pants since the hour is 7:00pm.

The show is captivating. I’m all eyes trying to figure out the trends of the seasons and I leave more confused than I came. My conclusion is that the trends are subjective and can be parlayed into pretty much anything the designer wants, so long as she follows some semblance of color palette of the season. I do notice a tendency for opulence in jewelry, an appetite for red and lots of intricate details.  What’s your take on the Spring Summer 2017 trend, based on these designs?

Thank you so much for reading. Follow along for Day 2 of the NYFW.





Fur strap top and wide leg pants by Isabel Alexander (soon available in my e-store for preorder) // Charles Keith bag