I love quality. You’ve heard me say this before and you’ll keep hearing it because there is nothing that I treasure more than quality in all things and people. It’s important to me because it shows care and passion in things, and consideration, thought and intention in people and your actions.

I don’t like hollow words.  I don’t like shallow people. They are a waste of time and  are not there to last or add to your life. They are there to distract you and your sense of accomplishment and success. Everything that’s worth having and pursuing will take time and work and repeated effort. Loosing yourself in your craft will bring you to a different level of understanding of yourself and your craftsmanship. And when you do, you will forget the world and competition and will pursue your craft on your own terms, set the trends and inspire others

This watch is a reminder of all that for me. The black dial is so mysterious and its masculinity is softened by the luxurious gold accents.  The clean lines of its design are reminiscent of clarity in thought and action. It’s a beautiful accessory that manages to ground me, keep me focused and  ... in time for all things beautiful and stylish. Because I chose them, and they choose me :-)

Thank you so much for reading.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you again soon.




OLD NAVY dress // Reed Krakoff heels ( old), similar here, here and here // Marc Bale watch and knotted bangle, courtesy of The Peach Box and Marc Bale.