I love today. And I’m pretty sure that I will love tomorrow. Technology is advancing so fast and so is fashion. There are fabrics that moisturize, or adjust according to your body temperature … or are impenetrable and/or waterproof. I can’t wait to live the day when I can wear an evening dress made of carbon fiber :-)

It is no wonder that the way that jewelry is made nowadays has also changed. It is no longer elaborate, it is more functional, minimal ...  and sometimes kinetic with a touch of futuristic vision, like the ones I am wearing now. 

We, the citizens of the 2016, want all the nonsense and shallowness gone and expect clean lines, straightforwardness, functionality and uniqueness. We want context and meaning in the things we wear as well, not just the things we say … We want to stand for something, just like this silver set from Favn Jewellery that I am wearing, stands for something. The silver pieces I am wearing are from the Black Stroke and Pure Essentials collections.  

The Black Stroke collection was inspired by the Russian painter Kazimir Malevich. The later was a pioneer of the geometric art andis credited to have originated an avant-garde movement which had its foundation in the belief that art should transcend subject matter and that the truth of shape and color should reign ‘supreme’ over the image or narrative. I don’t know for sure, but this set may have been very well been inspired by the painter’s famous work entitled Black Square.  

The little box loop ring that I am wearing is from the Pure Essentials Collection and the box piece rotates and moves, therefore engaging your tactile senses. Same goes for the wood & metal pendant: the metal portion moves up and down. What an interesting concept and how cool is the idea? I fiddle with my jewelry anyways and this kinetic option resonates with me. It is like these pieces are speaking back to me, becoming a part of me .. organically.  

As for the quality – they are exquisite, unique and clearly made with lots of thought and love. How could one not love such creations that came into being from such passion for work and meaning and design?


Want to experience for yourself what I mean? Enter your info HERE and win a Black Stroke bracelet, that I also featured in this post J.


Thank you so much for reading.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you again soon.





Black stroke set, box loop ring and WWood necklace, courtesy of FAVN Jewellery // Crea Concept skirt ( old, similar styles available below) // Crea Concept top (old, similar styles available below) //Nicolas Kirkwood pumps ( old, similar styles available below)