3 Ways To Rock The Metallic Eyelets, Studs And Grommets

Love the studs, metallic eyelets and grommets but don’t know how to style them? Read on to find out a few easy ways to rock this trend.

If you are a fashion buff, you noticed by now a popular micro trend involving metal eyelets, studs and grommets. You probably saw them on the bags, sweaters but also on leather jackets and denim. Different brands took more or less creative approaches - some more successful than others. 

Personally, I love the unexpected so, if you want to rock this trend like a pro, see below a few styling tips on the matter:


1.       Go for unexpected combinations, such as grommets/metallic eyelets on your shoes rather than on your sleeves and collars. The latter is way too intuitive and if overdone and can look a little kitschy. To see how I styled them and to get direct shopping links to my favorite grommet boots, check out my post on my grommet boots.

2.       Go for the same color studs to create an elegant effect. For example, if you are styling a black leather jacket, pick one which is studded with black studs. If you are styling one in red, then pick one in red.

3.       Try a denim with grommets. Few will think of applying grommets on denim but some brands did it so tastefully. And if you can’t find anything to your linking, you can always apply your own. Just buy grommets and the grommet/eyelet pliers from Michael’s or Joanne and get creative with some denim that still fits you well.  That’s what I have done and I love the result!

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you found my tips useful. I try to keep them simple and real and if you like them please let me know by commenting below. Let me know what other types of posts you’d like to see from me. I promise I read every comment J



FEATURING: H&M olive knit sweater ; similar here  and here// Current Elliott denim (applied the grommets on my own!); similar styles here , here, here and here;  Ego Official denim boots; similar here,  here, and here // Armani Exchange khaki leather jacket (old); similar here, here, here and here // Marc Jacobs clutch with pockets ( old), similar here,  here and here.