10 Amazing Reasons Why You Must Stay at the Sagamore Pendry Hotel in Baltimore For A Unique and Luxurious Holiday or Romantic Experience

Last week my boyfriend and I ventured to Baltimore, Maryland for a weekend getaway and stayed at the Sagamore Pendry Hotel. I was blown away by the  impeccable service, the hotel's modern architecture, interior decor and the warm yet festive Christmas atmosphere.

So, in today's post, I would like to share with you some highlights of my stay and 10 reasons why I highly recommend this hotel for the holidays, New Year's Eve or simply a romantic getaway.


Get a room with a view facing the pier or harbor. The floor to ceiling windows add magnificence to any room but when the view is of the harbor or pier, you'll  experience the most wonderful mornings.

I woke up gently with the sunrise. It was such a calming and refreshing experience to see the water reflect  above the bed's headboard: twinkling and promising a  lovely day. 


There is also the Sagamore ballroom. The room was restored to its classic 1914 aesthetic, currently rendering it the most coveted event space.

The architecture and decor is nothing short of sublime elegance. There is no element that is misplaced or missing, to be added or removed. Everything is just as it should be.


The entire decor is one of tamed luxury, class and sublime calmness and confidence. There are classic elements meshed with modern ones that create an overall state of goodness and substance. The abundant light coming from the windows, the soft lighting on the inside, the brass installations in the bathroom and the wall lighting ... all add up and result into a visual melody, meant to sooth and refresh at the same time. 

Notice the design on the elevator doors, reminiscent of mysterious Egyptian engravings that glimmer softly in the dim light. There is a a slight post-party Gatsbian vibe, when things are settled back into place to its known allure and demeanor and all involved are sworn to secrecy. 


The tamed luxury lingers on in the way the bathrooms are designed and decorated. Love the brass shower and the brass frame of the full sized mirror. 

The invisible magic happens, however, when you wash your hands or decide to shower. The body wash, shampoo and conditioner exude this subtle smell that is hauntingly beautiful and melancholic. The sets are designed and exclusively distributed to the Pendry Hotels by MiN, and are also available for sale in the hotel, should you want to reminiscence the luxurious experience. I've indulged sinfully in those scents. Repeatedly. And with no remorse :-)

Another unique experience you can indulge in is the guitar loan service. Should you miss playing your guitar or wish to sweep your beloved of his/her feet, you can loan a Taylor guitar at no cost for the duration of your stay. My boyfriend serenaded me during our stay, which I thoroughly enjoyed :-)


The front of the hotel is representative of the early 1900s constructions, however, venture more in the back and you'll see modern architectural elements. Patrick Sutton is the creative eye and hand to restore and reimagine the hotel's design and interior to reminisce the city's old-time charm. Should you decide to dine at the Rec Pier Chop House and later indulge in some quality whiskey at the Cannon Room, both inside the hotel, prepare to be awed again by his creativity.



The Rec Pier Chop House is located inside the hotel and welcomes guests and locals in equal measure. The design is crafted by none other than Patrick Sutton and exudes chicness and warmth, combined with a certain lightness coming from the modern design elements.

For extra romance, get a table by the front wall, also a floor to ceiling window. You'll enjoy watching a charming view of the cobblestoned street with little shops and boutiques.

The atmosphere is very cozy and stylish, and the Christmas decor is nothing short of spectacular, meant to make you feel welcomed and at home. While I stayed the last weekend there, it felt like Christmas and I certainly recommend it as a Christmas or New Year's  Eve retreat, or a romantic getaway. Whatever the event, I guarantee you'll leave with strong memories of a beautiful stay.

About the food: flavorful, aesthetic and meant to stimulate your senses. Highly recommend the bergamot scallops with the blood orange sauce and the pannacotta. For the steak lovers, do try the bone-in filet, that is somewhat of a rarity in the culinary world. They have it and they surely know how to prepare it in the most exquisite way.


Just like the Rec Pier Chop House, the Cannon Room is located inside the hotel and was designed by Patrick Sutton as well (for whom I developed new interest and respect :-)). The design is incredible and has a classic speak-easy vibe. The mirror behind the bar has an aged look and patina on the looking glass. The lighting is a soft yellow and the decor has numerous golden objects creating the illusion that the room is drenched in gold. In the floor there is an old English cannon under a sheet of cracked glass, right by the fire place that is shared by both the bar and the court yard. 

And let me tell you about the drink selection: it is vast and curious. They carry their own Pendry whisky and some very smooth Japanese ones that I tried for the first time and absolutely loved. Toki is the name of my new interest. It has a smooth and warm feel and it matches the Cannon Room where old meets new.


The neighborhood is very artsy and quirky. Small cafes, inns, shops and restaurants are sprinkled on each side of the  street. The street itself is made of cobblestone and still bears the tracks of the old trams. It's a place that invites creativity and beauty, and I can only imagine the atmosphere in summer where you could just stare at the harbor for hours.

There is so much quiet beauty  in that image that you can simply print on a post card. This place definitely validates the town's reputation for its charm, after all it is still Charm City.


The hotel was opened less than a year ago and was once an entry point for immigrants to the US. The historic building was meant to be torn down before Pendry Hotels decided to renovate and reinvent it. Right at the entrance of the hotel, there is a wall that has the Star Spangled-Banner lyrics laser cut into it, an homage to its historical origins.

The hall leads to the lobby and has several etched-in and softly lightened wall sculptures honoring the American heritage. 


The staff is very courteous and warm. Their genuine cordiality and positive disposition ensures  a very authentic and comfortable experience.  Surely, I have stayed at other great hotels but I have to admit that the staff here has exceeded my expectation with their genuiness and friendliness.

My stay was luxurious yet a comfortable  and  familiar experience.  I would definitely love to come back and can't recommend this place enough for the holidays or other occasions because you'll feel like home :-).

The hotel is also pet-friendly. Dexter, my dachshund boy, thoroughly enjoyed his stay as well. He was showered with attention and provided complimentary food and water bowls. 

I hope you enjoyed my post and take the opportunity to add this hotel to your bucket list because, I promise you, it will be an experience that your will always remember. Fondly :-)

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