Two Chic Ways to Style a Poncho

Love an old poncho but ran out of ideas on how to style it? Read on to learn two unique and simple ways two wear a poncho.

I have this poncho that I bought last year and although I practically lived in it (just kidding – but I did wear it quite often with jeans and pants and skirts alike!), my enthusiasm stalled. I since forgotten about it until recently when I was cleaning my closet and decided to give this poncho another chance.

Since I’ve had a weakness for turtlenecks way before they became popular about 2 years ago, I had a hard time letting go of this poncho so I decided to experiment and come up with some unique and out-of-the-box styling for it. Of course, I strongly believe in functionality and freedom of movement when it comes to styling, so, I have come up with the following two simple & unique ways to style a poncho:


  1. The front knot tie. It is actually what it sounds like: I gathered the hems of the poncho that has a wide cape like shape and tied them neatly in the front. This accentuated my waist and created the illusion of an edgy corset. It also elongated my frame in a flattering manner.

  2.  The back knot tie.  Same as above, it is a simple knot tied in the back. Namely, do the same thing you did above only in the back. You can keep it simple or go even for an exaggerated bow, depending on how much fabric you have. You’ll get the same elongated look.



FEATURING: Alfani turtleneck poncho; more colors here, and here //Side stripe skirt (soon available in my shop!); also similar here, here and here // Calvin Klein boots; also here, here and here //