How to Layer Leather Jackets for Spring

Can’t wait to wear your leather jacket while it is still cold? Read on for an easy-to-follow style tip on how to layer leather jackets for Spring.

In my last posts, I wrote about transitional pieces and how to style them for Spring for maximum comfort and style. If you missed any of them, you can read here on how to style oversized scarfs and trench coats,  here on how to style tweed coats for a chic sporty vibe and here on how to dress them down with denim.

In today’s post, I thought I would talk about leather jackets and how to layers them creatively as transitional pieces. You may not know this (as I didn’t know this either  :-)) but thin layers actually keep you warmer than thinker clothing. So, experiment away, like I did in this post, and try to layer knits over your leather jacket. You can use a maxi wrap, a knit sporty cardigan or even a thin trench coat. Below see my style tips for getting the featured look.


Pick a more fitted leather jacket and layer a knit cardigan or a thicker knit. You can zip the leather jacket or keep it open. Also, if you want a more modern vibe, roll the knit sleeves little up so that you can see the leather jacket’s sleeves.

JACKET: Silvian Heach; also similar here, here and here

SKIRT: C/meo Collective (sold out); similar here, here , here and here

BOOTS: Calvin Klein; similar here, here and here

BAG: Camelia Roma


Thank you so much for reading.  Thank you so much for reading.  I hope you enjoyed this post and my other posts on transitional pieces. Please comment below if you liked it and would like me to write more about transitional pieces. I’d love to hear what other topics you would like me to touch on.