Two Easy Ways to Style Contrasts Like a Fashion Blogger

Want to be learn how to style contrasts like a fashion blogger? Read on as I show you two quick and easy ways to work color and texture into your outfits.

Spring is around the corner and the weather oscillating between highs and lows, I see the need to adjust my styling to style warm /cool throughout the day, but always stylish. We are transitioning to warmer weather, so, this is a perfect time to address transitional wardrobe.  

Now, I know that there are clothes for every season and occasion if you are willing to spend more and fill your closet with yet another few “must-haves”. Or … you could use your existing clothes and style creatively contrasting colors and textures to get a more personal and unique result. So how do you do that?


  1. Style contrasting colors. For example: style bright yellow with dark warm brown or white with blood red (like I did in this post), or olive with dark blue. I like styling not only contrasting colors but also contrasting tones. If you read again my examples, you’ll see that the colors combinations I suggested are made of one cool contrasting color and one warm contrasting color.  
  2. Style contrasting and unexpected textures. For example: style linen with leather (like I did in this post!), tweed with denim, silk with wool. Contrasting textures are very impactful and will look very sharp and help you reinvent your wardrobe. Also, these combinations are great for transitional seasons, such as Spring and Fall. I personally love textures as it stimulates my creativity and I come up with really unique outfits.

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