Top 5 Trench Coats for Petites

If you struggle to find the perfect trench coat for your petite frame, this post if for you. Read on for my easy style tips on how to find a trench coat that is flattering to a petite frame. I also included my top 5 favorite trench coats for petites.

So many are the struggles when you are a petite: the pants, the shoes and those sleeves ... who are always longer than necessary especially when you just found your perfect trench coat. So, how to find one that is trendy and fits well? I’ve included some of my tips below.

TRENCH COAT: Ann Taylor LOFT trench coat (sold out); similar here, here and here,  here // PANTS:  Ann Taylor LOFT white pants (sold out);  similar here, here and here //BAG:  Camelia Roma (click on the green dot to shop for the bag; app available for Android and IOS) //


  1. The perfect length for a sleeve is when it hits just an inch lower than your wrist. That way it is not too long yet not too short when you raise your hand. The simplest test is to raise your handat a 90 degree angle, parallel to the floor. So, pick a trench coat that has the appropriate length for the sleeve. Brands (Ann Taylor, LOFT, Banana Republic, ASOS, Ralph Lauren, Miss Selfridge etc ) that have petite lines ensure that the sleeve length is right.
  2.  If you tried the petite lines and can’t find a trench coat to your liking ( and it is possible because I find  that sometimes the waist is too high for me!), then you can alter the sleeve length.  It is not a complicated alteration so, therefore, it is often not costly. You can check you local strip mall for an alterations shop or check your dry cleaning place as they often offer minor alterations ( sleeves and hems) and a low cost. Zips is such a place: they are great at dry cleaning and alterations and it is only $10 to shorten your sleeves or hems.
  3.  If you are not interested or willing to alter the sleeves of a trench coat, pick one with short sleeves. They are in style this season anyways, so, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one to your liking.
  4. If none of the above work for you, you can always push the sleeves up to your elbow or even higher. In case you didn’t know, it is a trend and the bloggers were rocking trench coats with rolled up sleeves during this past February 2017 fashion week.  I liked it as I thought is looked pretty cool and modern and you got to show off those bell sleeves or some longer sweater sleeves that were reigning in Winter as well.

In a recent post I also touched on trench coats for Spring and offered some really cool designer options on sale. Be sure to check it out as those trench coats were insanely good!


  1. LAFAYETTE 148  short sleeve trench coat
  2. SIMONE ROCHA short sleeve trench coat
  3. BURBERRY short trench coat
  4. ELLEN TRACY pink trench coat
  5. MANGO cropped bell sleeves trench coat

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