Fit With Ankit ( or How to Be Stylish and Fit)

Want to incorporate more style and fitness in your life? Read on to learn out how I do it.

TOP: Banana Republic //PANTS: Old Navy (sold out); similar here and here// HEELS: Steve Madden // BAG & Accessories: Namaste Bitches bag, towel and water bottle Ankit //

I often hear statements like: my life is too hectic to dress stylishly or I don’t have time to exercise etc. And you know what? Those are just excuses. Everyone has 24 hours yet some people are more stylish and more fit. So, what’s their secret? They simply make time for things that are important to them and they prioritize their time better. I speak from experience as well. When I made time for things that I really loved, I became better at them and I felt more satisfied with my lifestyle overall.

Now this post will not be about how to manage your time better but I will give you two quick tips on how to stay motivated once you decided that you want to become fitter and more stylish.


  1. To become fitter:  buy cute gym clothes and gear. When you make things boring, they become boring. But when you make things fun, they become fun. Everything is a matter of perspective and a good perspective is great for staying motivated. Once you start seeing results, those will be an additional reason to stay on track.
  2. To become more stylish:  buy things that you really love, fit you perfectly and go with at least 50% of things in your closet. And what I mean by ‘fit you perfectly’ is that they should flatter your frame, be comfortable and functional and suit your lifestyle. Your test should be that if someone asked you to get rid of that item of clothing, you should be able to say: no, because I love how this fits me, how the fabric feels on me, I wear it often and it goes with so many other items from my closet. Do that with everything your buy and your wardrobe will become an exquisite collection of things that you love, are unique and suit your lifestyle.

For today’s outfit, I am featuring a bag from  Ankit and I will briefly tell you why I love this bag. I like that it is playful with its Namaste Bitches tagline, it is roomy and it is practical. Love the blue color that coveys so much serenity. It is a pleasant blue that doesn’t disrupt an outfit even if you are not matching it completely. I also love that you can fit a yoga mat in its straps and still use the entire space in the bag for a change of clothes, tour gym attire and shower & beauty essentials. It is large but somewhat balanced well so it won’t overwhelm even a petite frame and it also has a matching towel and bottle. Also, because it is so cute, you can use it a week-end getaway bag or a shopping bag. Either way, it is a stylish and fun bag and I fully appreciate its size, quality and versatility.

The best part, should you wants a gym bag & accessory set like this, you can win one by entering my Friday giveaway HERE. It is super easy and all you need to do it:

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