Best Hair Removal Laser to Use at Home in 2017

With Summer around the corner, who doesn’t feel the pressure of getting ready for it? And part of being summer-ready is having smooth skin, isn’t it? Read on as I take you through my short and wonderful experience with Tria, which gave me silky smooth and summer ready skin in less than 2 months.

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I’ll start with stating that Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X is the first device that is FDA cleared to be used at home for hair removal. But that is the legal part. What is important is that it delivers results that are permanent, the treatments are painless and cost a fraction of industry cost. Now those are a lot of good statement in one sentence but Tria is one of those companies that truly delivers on its claims and I have a been a long-term fan of their products, reason why, I am reviewing this product for you as well. To read my previous review of their Smoothbeauty Eyewrinkle Laser, please go HERE.

I’d also like to add that I own every device they put out on the market (anti-aging lasers and hair removal ones) and vouch for every single one of them. I am a demanding customer when it comes to delivering results, and Tria delivered consistently and flawlessly. And Tria Hair removal 4 X laser is no exception. So, what’s so amazing about it?

  1. It is painless. This is really important to me because I tried other lasers at med-spas and couldn’t go on with a treatment because it was so painful. Two months ago I gave Tria a try and my experience was completely different. At the highest setting, the experience was a breeze. I felt no pain and I have a really low threshold for pain in general.
  2.  It is so affordable. The Tria device currently costs $359 and one estimates about 4-6 treatments, set two weeks apart for permanent results (depends on your skin tone ). That is less than $100/treatment. For the sake of comparison, a med-spa treatment runs anywhere form $250 -$350 for the full length of the leg. Also 6 -8 treatments are recommended with some touch -up sessions afterwards. So, money wise, Tria will cost you a one-time payment of $359 while at a med-spa you are looking to pay anywhere from $1800-$3000 to see permanent results.  The best part, if you end needing more treatments or touch ups, with Tria is doesn’t cost you a penny.
  3. You can use it in the privacy of your home. So, you don’t need to look for a good med spa, which usually happens to be in another city and has hours of operations from 9-5 during which time most of us work, am I right? :-)
  4. Last, but not least, Tria Laser 4X is super cute and compact, comes in several colors, so, you can carry it with you even when you travel. It is basically the size of a small hair drier. How fun is that?

My verdict: Tria Hair Removal 4X is a must and is a total steal. I couldn’t be happier with its results and highly recommend it to you as well.

For today’s look I am going to give just 2 very simple STYLE TIPS:

  1. Care for your skin, keep it moisturized and smooth by using vitamin C based creams, and ALWAYS use sunscreen after your moisturizer. The latter is really important especially if you are undergoing any laser anti-aging or laser hair removal treatments, because it will ensure that you don’t get any sun damage since your skin is very sensitive during those treatments and also to maintain your skin wrinkle free for a very long time. A well cared skin accounts 70% for anyone’s beauty.
  2. Try some cottons and linens for summer in light grey – white or light blue – white color combinations. They are refreshing, have a young & summery vibe and will keep you cool during those humid  days in Washington DC.

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