How to Rock the Bohemian Trend in a Subtle Way

Overwhelmed with embroidered dresses, top, bags and shoes and don’t know whether you can rock this Boho trend? Read on as I will show you a quick way to incorporate Boho elements in a subtle manner that would allow you to stay on trend yet keep your own individuality.

Following each trend is overwhelming . And why wouldn’t it be? It is so time-consuming to hunt for the next thing, at a bargain price-point if possible J, not to mention that buying into each trend is a sure way to shake your financial stability. So, should you follow trends at all? You don’t have to but if we are being completely honest, you probably will like some of the trends and you’ll want to update your wardrobe here and there. So, what the mysterious solution? It is simple:  follow SOME trends and follow them smartly. And just what do I mean by that? I mean that you should only follow trends that suit your personal style or only incorporate certain elements of that trend that add a touch of “now”.  This is a particularly great way to adopt some trends that may be too intimidating to you because they are at the opposite spectrum of your style. So, again, if you like that trend but it is too bold for you, a way to incorporate it is to add some subtle elements of that trend.

Below, I will give you a demonstration on how I adopted some embroidery elements of the “so now” Boho trend.


  1. If an embroidered dress or top is too much for you, try a block heel like mine with embroidery and keep the rest of your look monochromatic. Not only you can rock your usually style without additional expenses, but you’ll invigorate your classic staples and still be on trend.
  2. Another subtle way is to incorporate elements of the trend, in this case, elements of embroidery into your jewelry. You can add an embroidered leather or silk belt, or leather bracelets with some tasteful geometric embroidery.
  3. A more playful way to incorporate boho element is via nail art. It’s temporary and if you know a great place who can execute it, you can find a lot of inspiration online, like here or here.

TRENCH: Banana Republic (sold out); similar here and here // SHORTS: H&M ( sold out); similar  here and here //BAG: Xnihilo //HEELS: Public Desire//


  1. ALBERTO BIANI feminine silk leather belt (under $100)
  2. APT 9 grommet embroidered belt (under $50)
  3. LUCKY BRAND embroidered leather belt (under $50 and more masculine and understated)
  4.  STELLA MCCARTNEY  floral embroidery belt
  5.  UNCOMMON GOODS embroidered cuffs
  6. JAMIEROCKS embroidered wrap leather bracelet (under $10)

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