How To Glow This Summer | A Day With Moroccanoil

I love summer and if it it were for me, summer would be the only season in a year :-). However, as much as I adore this season, this is precisely the time when I take extra care of my skin.  Besides the scorching sun, we also get a lot of humidity in the DC area. So, how do I care for my skin in this capricious sunshine season? I moisturize well, both my hair and skin, and I always, and I mean, ALWAYS use sunscreen, even if I go out only for 5 minutes to walk my spoilt puppy.

I was asked repeatedly to share some of my skincare routine and tips, so, today I would like to do just that, and share with you some amazing products from Moroccanoil.  

Some of your may be already familiar with this brand due to their amazing hair products (my personal favorites are their Intense Hydrating Mask  and Moroccanoil Treatment ! ), but what you may not know is that they have expanded their product line and are also providing comprehensive skin care.  

They also have launched a travel kit that is perfect for ensuring that you look your best while globe-trotting, or to simply carry around your favorite products to the pool, gym, picnic or hiking. Finally, for those who have never tried the Moroccanoil products, there is more good news: the travel sets come in a variety of combinations, which is an excellent opportunity to properly sample their products for a while and decide whether they are right for you. The  products are reasonably sized and a little goes a long way, so, you will definitely have sufficient time to test these products and make an educated guess.

What I like about Moroccanoil products is that they address precisely all my skin needs throughout my day. 

So, here is a snapshot of my day with Moroccan Oil.


I wake up about 7:00 am and exercise, then shower and treat my hair with the Intense Hydrating Mask  and polish my skin with the Body Buff. My hair and skin are getting an utterly luxurious treatment, and I feel just as radiant as the morning sun. I then mix a few drops of their  precious Pure Argan Oil into my face moisturizer and hair and apply some  Dry Body Oil  onto my skin. These products are so moisturizing and luxurious and I revel in this morning routine, every time. The fresh and subtle smell is so invigorating  :-). You can try the travel size for these products HERE , HERE and HERE. 

I then have a small cappuccino while browsing through Porter or Vogue magazines. I like the old-fashioned way of reading. Flipping thought the pages of the editorials is so much more satisfying to me :-)


I put on a little makeup and apply some moisturizing sunscreen which I also carry with me in my purse (so that I can reapply later as needed on my hands) while I am running errands in the morning or running to meetings. One of my favorites is also the Dry Texture Spray ( try it  HERE in the travel size ) that gives my hair a little toussled and stylish look.


I then try to incorporate more exercise into my daily activities and so does my boyfriend, so, as of recently we agreed to go for walks  or hiking in the evening. If  that's your thing or you simply need to go to the gym, the travel size kits  are perfect.

I am also working  on getting some daily vitamin D  and on building a little tan (in a responsible manner!) when I can. I try to go to the pool for a couple of hours either in the mornings between 10:00-12:00 am or in early evenings between 5:00-7:00pm when the sun is gentle. I always apply and reapply  sunscreen on my face and body and so should you if you love your skin.

The Moroccanoil Face Lotion SPF 30 is both a moisturizer and sunscreen but, as opposed to most moisturizers with high SPF or sunscreens on the market, it is very light weight, doesn't clog my pores and gives me optimal hydration and protection throughout the day. After I am done with my morning routine, I pack it in my purse so that I can reapply it later on in the day.

My personal favorites from these Moroccanoil products are:

  • the Intense Hydrating Mask , which comes in several options (make your picks HERE; also try it in a travel size size HERE)
  • the Body Buff, which polishes and invigorates my skin without drying it. I don't even need to apply any oil or body cream after. My skin is effectively polished and hydrated, it feels smooth and silky, and it gets a lovely glistening sheen. I am personally irremediably in love with this product !  (you can try it it a travel size HERE)
  • the Dry Body Oil, which is so moisturizing yet not oily, which is amazing because this is an oil after all !) It also has a very subtle warm smell that I utterly enjoy. It reminds me of warm sand and sunshine (try it in a travel size HERE). I am very curious about their Shimmering Body Oil but I have not had a chance to try it yet.  When I do, I will be sure to review it and let you know how I feel about it :-).

I hope you enjoyed a recap of my day with me and Moroccanoil and that you will take the time to love and care for your skin, as you should. Once you have tried some of my recommendations, let me know which Moroccanoil product is your favorite.