Rose Ardente | The Quintessence of Givenchy’s Style in a 2017 Perfume

Where do I start …. I have been a lover of Givenchy’s designs, shoes and perfumes since before I even knew myself. When I discovered Givenchy, it was relief, because everything Givenchy spoke to me before I could even utter my needs for style and creativity.

SHIRT:  Maje (sold out) & work backwards; similar here; also here, and here // SKIRT: Concept Crea (sold out); similar here, here and here //SHOES: Calvin Klein and here //PERFUME: Rose Ardente by L’Atelier by Givenchy

In 2001, I discovered Givenchy’s classic fragrance Extravagance. And extravagant it was but in a much more subtle way. It was gracefully extravagant, gentle, yet awakening a feeling of surprise. I then discovered Ysatis, another classic, reminiscent of soothing passions, refined and warm like the desert sand. A current day favorite of mine is Eaudemoiselle, which in true Givenchy style, catches your attention with interest, poise and affection. Its delicate and unique scent speaks of uniqueness and high expectations.

I don’t think I ever smelled a Givenchy perfume I did not like. Givenchy perfumes certainly have a certain je ne sais quoi. It is not a matter of finding the one you like, it is a matter of finding the one to tell your current story. And be warned, you will be lost in the Givenchy emporium because you’ll feel tempted to tell more stories and lose yourself to yet another one of these perfumes.

So, here we are in 2017 with a new pearl to the unique strand of Givenchy’s perfume-stories. It is the Rose Ardente (which in direct translation means “fiery rose”), the latest addition to Givenchy’s atelier collection. It is unique. It is soothing and subtly nostalgic like a sunset. It is warm and gentle like a feeling of infinite love that you know will never dissipate. It is quietly mischievous and surprising like the crystalline laughter of a child. It has a lot to say … but it is quiet and mysterious like a river’s deep waters.  And it’s fiery  …. deep down, in its substance. It is unequivocally and poetically beautiful.

I am not going to say much about the bottle because it is simple, artistic and subtly elegant. You know the content will be special just by looking at it. And it is. I dare you try it.

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