How To Make An Affordable Dress Look Luxurious

dress: GAP (sold out); similar HERE and HERE // belt: LOFT  (sold out); similar HERE and HERE //shoes: Reed Krakoff (sold out); similar HERE and HERE  //bag: Camelia Roma; similar HERE and HERE //Bracelet: MARC JACOBS (sold out); similar HERE //

A wide spread misconception among fashion lovers is that one needs to spend a lot of money to look luxurious. While expensive clothes tend to look more luxurious simply because the fabric may be more qualitative, the design more unique and the workmanship more  sophisticated, that is not necessarily always the case. I have also seen my share of polyester dresses at incredibly high price tags. However, the truth is that while some expensive designer clothes may be luxurious, you don't necessarily need to only buy designer items or spend a lot to lookpolished and luxurious.

In today's post, I want to address just that because I get a lot of questions on how to look luxe without the price tag. Below see my style tips on how to achieve just that.


  1. Buy solid colors pieces that have a very clean design. Less embellishments and ornaments, means more versatility. The dress I am styling in this post is very simple: it is navy and the only design it has is the waist drawstring.
  2. Buy items that are either made of natural fabrics or look very polished because of their textures or ability to stay lint free. Natural fabrics look noble  and are breathable. Textured fabrics created dimensions and interesting layers. Fabrics that ca stay lint free look polished and clean naturally. For example the dress I am styling is a dress from GAP that I paid under $20 on sale. Although it is made of linen, it looks luxurious because the  color is a solid color (rich navy) and linen has a litlte sheen , which looks luxurious. 
  3. Add oversized metallic or pearl  jewelry  and let them lift  the entire look. Not only can you take your look from work to play but also elevate it for an event. I added some metallic accents from my bracelet and necklace (both made of leather and gold metals).
  4. Add more unique or expensive shoes and/or bags. This is the time when you can add the more expensive stuff or unique stuff. I practice this all the time  because I have difficulty to find denim or pants that fit me right and suit my frame well. So, I have to limit my choices to brands that make pants for petites such as LOFT, for example, but then I elevate the look by adding  some uniqueness with my accessories.  For example in this look my shoes are from Reed Krakoff, who discontinued making its luxury shoe line ( which I really adored!).



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