How To Get Smooth and Radiant Skin | At Home Microdermabrasion with PMD

I want to share today with you a new beauty ritual that I instituted in my beauty routine: a weekly microderm session of 3 minutes. I honestly don’t know why I never really considered doing microderms more often because the results are nothing short of spectacular and there is virtually no down time.

Now I know that going to a medspa to get a microderm can quickly result in some serious damage to your pocket but the good news is that it doesn’t have to. When I said that I added a new weekly microderm ritual,what I did not mention it that I perform it myself, in the privacy of my home. And that’s because, just like you, I would like to avoid expensive treatments at the medspa and also, most medspas have business hours that are 9-5 and that doesn’t help a working gal, does it?

So, how did I open the secret doors to the microderm universe? I got myself a PMD device from PMDBeauty that I absolutely love and that allows me to have weekly treatments in the privacy of my home at no cost and inconvenience and without any down time. Next, I would like togive you a quick list of the benefits thatmicroderms offer in general and the results I got from using this PMD devise:


  • evening & smoothing effects polishing of the skin’s outer layers
  • softening of wrinkles, due to the controlled & microscopic “damage” done to theouter layers of skin which forces the skin to produce collagen to regenerate; whichmeans that  the skin will renew its cells ( a process that occurs naturally before 20s and stops after )
  • reduction of fine lines because of the very same process explained above
  • skin brightening due to the removal of acne scars and sun damage
  • reduction of pore size
  • unclogging of pores and reducing of acne
  • enhances the effects of skincare because it allows for deep penetration of the skincare ingredients


  • my pores have reduces in size by 50 % ( so happy about that !)
  • my skin is definitely smoother which allows for my makeup to glide and stay fresh for hours without becoming cakey
  • evening of skin tone (so good for those who abuse their sun tanning sessions!)
  • reduction of skin blemishes and dry patches (I have sensitive skin and I tend to get irritated quite easily and also my skin gets dry patches in the T-zone area if I don’t hydrate well)
  • no dry patches( I credit this to my skincare being absorbed better and into the deeper layers of my skin)
  • more radiance ( my boyfriend noticed right after my second treatment that I looked more rested and that my skin looked great!)

I am personally hooked on this devise and highly recommend that you give it a try because you won’t be disappointed. You only need to microderm your skin once a week andthe treatment itself takes under 3 minutes, as you only need to go once on your entire face. Also the treatments are painless and cause minimal skin irritation that typically goes away within minutes. After the treatmentI recommendyou apply some deep moisturizing masks to get those fancy anti-aging and brighteningingredients deep into your skin and PMD Beauty has such great recovery masks that I found to be both skin calming and very efficient at speeding up the skin healing process. You’ll get bay skin in the morning!

The best part, the devise is very affordable and costs less than a microderm session at a good medspa. This is a great time to invest in one and if you use my promo code: isabel20 you can get it now for 20% off.

Lastly, this device is compact and portable and you can conveniently pack it for when you travel. So, you don't need to skip your weekly microderms during your vacation or business trips. I know I won't :-)

I can’t wait to hear about your experience with the PMD mircorderm because I am a big fan and I am convinced that you’ll send me lots of XOXOs for stirring you in the right direction.


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