How To Wear A Sports Bra Anywhere And Look Chic

TOP: Kissbobo sports bra || PANTS: Ann Taylor Loft || SHOES: Gina (old; similar HERE ; see also more options linked below)

I am loving the September weather this year. By the looks of it, we are having an Indian summer, which makes me immensely happy as I get to wear lighter clothing for longer.

So, what's on today's menu: athleisure. I drew my inspiration for this outfit while I was sipping coffee on my balcony and was watching a group practice yoga outside. It dawned on me that I would appreciate an easy and chic outfit that I could wear after gym or yoga and that would allow me to run errands afterwards.  And to achieve just that, I decided to style a sports bra with some creative mesh detail in the back. Mine is from Kissbobo, a brand that retails innovative bras that are perfect under backless dresses or tops and offer the much needed support (and the extra lift for those who need it :-)).   You probably have seen them featured on Instagram by numerous fellow bloggers and if you haven't, check them out as their bras are a must-have. I also love that they are expanding into sporty options and thought that their sports bra is the percent pick for the athleisure outfit that I am featuring. To get my simple yet chic athleisure look, see my easy-to-follow style tips below.


  1. Pack and extra cute bra that has some great design details in the front or back. If yu like mine, you can get it from Kissbobo.  I love its simple yet elegant design in the back that makes is perfect both for gym and for atheisure wear.
  2. Layer the sports bra with an open light cardigan, like I did. You can leave it open, tie it in the front or make a cute knot in the back.
  3. Pair the bra and the cardigan with light jogger pants made of silk, linen or silk cotton. Not only you'll get your skin to breath and feel comfy but you'll also add a luxurious texture to your entire outfit. 
  4. You can wear some cute flats or add more flair with some chic high heels, like I did. High heels are really optional and it will depend on your preference or personal style. I'm linking below some cute options to tackle this outfit successfully :-)