The Trendiest Boots and Bags That You Should Invest In This Year Are Also Timeless And Practical

WEARING: H&M Sweater // H&M faux jacket , also HERE in felt burgundy // Mango Suede Tote (SOLD OUT); similar HERE, HERE and HERE // M.Gemi low heel boots , also available HERE //

If you are working on developing or perfecting your style, you should NOT follow trends. Trends and fads are your worse enemies especially if you are trying to stay within a budget or stay true to your style and lifestyle. That said, in today's post I'll talk about the trendiest boots and bags that you should invest in this year and there is a good reason for that: they are also timeless and practical.

These latter qualities are very rarely associated with trends  simply because trends are very seasonal by definition and usually "date" an outfit to a particular time in the fashion universe.  Trends are like flings that you may remember once or twice but in the end, the candidates for a long-term relationship are the ones that let you be you, that require no fuss and are fun to be around.

And that's exactly why today, I want to introduce you to the low-heel pointy toe boots and the tote. Both items make a strong appearance on the runway at the end of 2017 and promise to stay for a while.  Some credible sources in the industry,  even went to far as to opine that the low heel boots will successfully replace the notorious sneaker (that reined for several years now!). 

See below my top 5 picks for low heeled pointy toe ankle boots:

  1. The Momento ankle boots by M.Gemi (the ones I'm wearing in this post; available in camel and black)
  2. The Calzino ankle boots  by M.Gemi (under $150 and available in black or tan velvet)
  3. The Bailey patent ankle boots by Urban Outfiters (under $30; in nude color)
  4. The Jules studded ankle boots by Urban Outfiters (under $40; in black color)
  5. The Christina ankle boots by Jeffrey Campbell (under $100; in white color & with a really exquisite unique design )

Getting back to the tote. The word is out that the oversized totes are going to be big in 2018. I love this trend (it came out on Fall 2017 runways and has been perfected since) because it is also practical and I was never really a fan of carrying two purses (you know the student and the corporate gals that carry both the laptop bag and the purse at the same time?? that one!) Well now, you can carry your book / laptop / groceries (should you plan to multi-task on that occasion!) and still be stylish. I'm particularly in love with the tall tote bags in suede with a clean design (like mine) or the ones with the metal handles or some statement metal accents on their body.

Below see my top 5 picks for the oversized totes (higher end and budget friendly versions included): 

  1. Who What Wear Faux Suede Tote  ( under $40; in camel)
  2. Off-White Sculpture Tote (under $500; in black)
  3. Urban Outfitters Tall Shopper Tote (under $30; available in tan and black)
  4. Who What Wear Faux Fur Tote (under $40; available in black and animal print)
  5. MANGO Metallic Handle Tote (under $35; available in black)

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