Black & White Plaid Coats and How to Layer them with Thinner Coats or Leather Jackets to Stay Warm this Winter

You have seen the plaid trend gaining popularity since early fall. The plaid blazers, then the plaid trench coats and now, finally the plaid coats. I resisted as much as I could but I finally gave in when I saw the RIGHT kind of plaid for me: the black & white plaid that I find so much more refined and timeless as compared to the trendier gray. So, in today’s post, I would like to share some style tips on how to wear black & white plaid coats and how to layer them with thinner coats or leather jackets in order to stay warm this winter.

But before I go on with my usual style tips, I would like to say something. I have to admit that it has been a while since I have written a post. Part of it was the much needed time out from the social media but also some time to decide where my blog will take me in the upcoming year.

I am back, renewed and determined to bring fresher, better and more useful content going forward. Also, I would like to thank all you that stuck around for the past few years and read my posts: I love love love reading your comments - they inspire me to keep going forward despite all the roadblocks and difficulties that life throws at me. So, thank you for all your unconditional support. You are my humble and often uncredited heroes but know that I value you greatly and that there would not be a me without you :-).

Now, let’s get started.


  1. Pick a black and white coat with a larger plaid pattern like the one I am wearing. I prefer when the white lines are thinner as they visually elongate one’s frame.

  2. Pick a mid-length coat and one that is open or closes with a button or two only so that you can cinch it as a trench if you want. This is the time where you can use your creativity and add a transparent belt, wide belt or one of those industrial looking belts.

  3. Pick a coat that is not too thick so that you can layer a leather jacket or a thin down vest or jacket to create think but warm insulating layers. You will be amazed at how warm and comfortable you will feel without the bulk. I prefer the leather jacket and the vegan leather insulates just fine but if you prefer a thin down jacket, try the ones that Uniqlo makes: they are under $60, can be packed like a mini umbrella in your purse and are oh-so-comfy. See HERE and HERE

  4. This is not mandatory, but if you want to go an extra step for an even more polished look, pick a coat that has a sheen. Mine is made of faux fur and I like the shiny short hair: looks very luxe.

  5. Pair it with skirts and black jeans (coated black jeans would be my weapon of choice for an everyday look) and if you want to make it pop, wear it white denim like me. I love how the entire look pulls itself together when you add the white denim.


  1. About Us black & white plaid coat; also similar HERE and HERE

  2. Nine West chain belt (SOLD OUT); industrial belt HERE (designer luxury option) and HERE and HERE (budget options under $30); similar chain belt HERE (budget option under $40) and HERE (luxury designer option)

  3. Silvian Heach leather jacket (SOLD OUT); similar options HERE (in genuine leather), and HERE and HERE for budget options and made of vegan leather

  4. American Eagle white denim (SOLD OUT); similar options HERE , HERE and HERE

  5. Tony Bianco pep toe boots (SOLD OUT); similar options HERE, HERE and HERE (fancier holiday option)

  6. Proenza Schouler studded bag; similar designer options HERE and HERE; budget options HERE and HERE

  7. H&M beige hat (SOLD OUT); similar HERE and HERE; also check these in faux fur hats HERE and HERE.

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