How to Mix Earthy Tones this Winter || Or How To Stay Chic and Warm with a Warmer Color Palette

I am not quite sure why but every fall and winter I instinctively pick earthy and warmer colors for my wardrobe refresh. I suspect that it has to do with the fact that they exude that warmth that naturally leads me to think that wearing outfits in this color palette will keep me warm in the cooler seasons. It doesn’t hurt of course that when you coordinate outfits in the same color palette you create a lot of outfit options since you organically create a monochromatic wardrobe.

In addition, a wardrobe predominantly made out of neutral colors always looks chic and universally versatile. Also, if you are skilled at picking interesting textures, which is one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to monochromatic styling, you create that luxurious and polished look no matter the budget.

So if you haven’t guessed by now, in today’s post, I’ll share some styling tips on how to mix earthy tones this winter or how to stay chic and warm a warmer color palette.


  1. Mix neutrals with tans or tans with close shades and tones. They don’t have to match perfectly. In fact it is better that they don’t. That way you don’t limit your outfit options and your outfits don’t look too static or too uniform-like. Also, tans or what I like to call earthy colors, convey a certain psychological warmth which comes in handy in cooler seasons. As you can see from this post, I didn’t pick all my items in earthy tones, just my boots and coat, opting for black for the remainder of the outfit. You can easily do that with white, cream, and even with bolder shades if you prefer more colorful rather than monochromatic outfits. My point is that earthy colors are extremely versatile and can serve as a canvas or a base for your outfit, so to speak.

  2. Add texture to your outfit. For example, you can wear something of the same color but in a different texture. In this post, I wear black denim to match my black sweater but my denim is coated so their added ‘texture’ is given by the coated sheen. I could have just as easily worn plain black jeans with a black chunky knit sweater or a black fluffy sweater. The different textures from the sweaters that I just mentioned would have popped up despite the entire all-black outfit and would have added more allure and glam to the entire outfit. Texture adds amazing dimension and so much polish and luxury. So, if you tend to buy things in the same color, make sure you buy them in different textures, such as lace, knit, denim, canvas, wool, crochet etc - you’ll get so many more options and so much more wear out of them.

  3. if you are not coordinating the entire outfit in earthy tones, match your accessories in the same shade. You can match your scarf, shoes and bags with your coat, for example. Or just the shoes and scarf, like I did in this post.


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