Two Stylish Ways to Wear Trench Coats for a Casual and Polished Look this Spring

It is no secret that a good trench coat makes a great wardrobe staple, especially as a transitional piece for spring or fall. If developing a personal style or improving upon it has been on your long list of new resolutions for this year, then you probably know that when it comes to picking a trench coat,  a neutral shade is a way to go (if you want more mileage from it). But what's the length you should go for (especially if you are petite) if you are looking for more versatility?

In today's post will demonstrate just that: two ways to wear trench coats for a casual and polished look this Spring.

How to Style a Trench Coat for a Casual Look

For this first look the defining vibe is EFFORTLESS. So, even if you don't want to replicate the same exact elements (and trust me you don't, because you want to bring your own personality in the styling!), you want to bring the overall feeling of the look. So, what exactly do you need for that?

  1. Pick a neutral trench coat. Mine is an older trench coat from Ann Taylor LOFT with black leather trim. But note the length: it hits around the knee, so, it is perfect for casual styling with denim, short skirts with stretchy boots etc.,  especially if you are petite.
  2. Add your favorite denim, preferably a dark wash. You can go for some ripped version but don't overdo it. Both are casual pieces, so, if you want to stay put together, you don't want both pieces to be too casual.
  3.  Add some cool accessories like I did and keep them within the existing color palette. I went with black accessories since my trench has leather accents. So, I picked bracelets with leather and metal chains and a black bag with metal accents to continue the theme.

How to Style a Trench Coat for a Polished Look

For this look, the keyword is POLISH. Again, no need to replicate, but if you notice, just like in the previous look, the color palette does not expand when you add the accessories. So let's get started:

  1. It goes without saying that we are styling the same neutral trench coat in the same length.
  2. This time, add a turtleneck or a sweater with a demi height neck. I always find them comfortable and just a tad bit pretentious ... but in a good way. A better way to describe turtlenecks would be ... fashion snobby, in my opinion. If you want to go an extra mile, go for cashmere. Not only will you look luxurious, but you will feel luxurious. 
  3. Add some denim or utility shorts. I went with olive colored ones and matched my bag in the same color to keep the color palette simple.
  4. Add some metallic accents with some cool jewelry. My choice was some cool bracelets from The Dark Shop . I adore their luxurious styles, highly recommend you check them out as they also happen to be on sale and their items are not only unique, affordable and qualitative but also very striking. I could buy 5 at a time !



  1. Ann Taylor LOFT trench coat (OLD); similar options HERE, HERE and HERE
  2. Flying Monkey dark wash denim (SOLD OUT); similar options HERE, HERE and HERE
  3. Tony Bianco Malo boots (SOLD OUT); similar options with a transparent heel HERE
  4. Vita Fede Capri bracelet; also HERE
  5. The Dark Shop bracelet
  6. Camelia Roma bag (OLD); similar options  HERE and HERE


  1. Ann Taylor LOFT trench coat (OLD); similar options HERE, HERE and HERE
  2. H&M olive shorts (OLD); similar options HERE, HERE and HERE
  3. Tony Bianco Malo boots (SOLD OUT); similar options with a transparent heel HERE
  4. The Dark Shop bracelet
  5. Yuzefi Asher bag

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