The Latest Off Shoulder Sweater Trend and How to Wear it in 2018 and Say Goodbye to Winter in Style

The 'cold shoulder' times have graced us for over two years now and as I was expecting this trend to have an irremediable demise (at least for the next ... five years! :-)), but somehow, someone came around and decided to give it one more spin. And I am talking about the one-shoulder styling.  So, in today's post, I will address the latest off shoulder sweater trend and how to wear it in 2018 before you say goodbye to winter. 

I can't quite predict, in all honesty, how long this trend will last, but I suspect, that after this one, the cold shoulder trend  will be likely down to one of its last expressions. But I diverge. 

I have to admit that I quite like this last microtrend (in fact, I like it more than the original off shoulder trend because of its asymmetrical element !) and I decided to style this one shoulder version of the sweater with a white shirt because in my area we still have extreme cold days and layering provides the best comfort. Plus, I loved the added contrast. 

What is also great about this sweater is that it makes for a lovely transitional piece, so you can very well wear it in spring and fall too. Below, as usual, see some quick and easy styling tips to get a similar look.


  1. Pick a white or black one shoulder style off shoulder sweater ( with long sleeves).
  2. Look for one that has a good texture  (i.e. go for a chinkier knit style)
  3. Layer it with a contrasting color like I did. To dress it up, you can layer it with a white shirt if your sweater is black. Or layer is with a black shirt if your sweater is white or ivory.
  4. Pair it with some skinny denim. For a dressier look pick a coated black pair of denim. For a more casual vibe, stay with blue denim, like me. 
  5. Add a classic pump in white, black or nude, depending on the color scheme you picked. All the colors I mentioned should be a good choice.


  1. No. 21 One Shoulder Knit (a great investment piece; currently on sale!)
  2. AQUA White One-Shoulder Sweater ( in white & under $35)
  3. Rachel Rachel Roy One-Shoulder Button-Sleeve Sweater (in black & under $35)
  4. Sea Bleu Women's Cashmere One Shoulder Sweater ( in beige and under $150; perfect for a stylish jet set traveler)
  5. Bailey 44 Fine Knit One Shoulder Sweater (under $100 & available in white and khaki for an effortless chic look)

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