Three Ways to Wear LOFT's White Denim This Spring | A Quick Style Guide to a Chic Work, Brunch and Business Casual Outfit

The well-awaited spring season is here and so is the scary topic of white pants. Should we or shouldn't we? And if we should, then how should we wear them in good taste? Well, lucky for you, my ladies, today's blog post is just about that. In today's post, I will show you three ways to wear white denim this spring so that you can look your very best for work, brunch and an occasion requiring a business casual attire (that you can also use for play, depending on your lifestyle). 

So let's get started.


I would like you to note that all three looks have the same foundation: a white pair of denim and a tan cashmere top with nude suede heels. What changes from look to look are the accessories and jackets or coats.


  1. To achieve this look add a light scarf around your neck. I opted for a pale pink to add a little freshness to my entire look.
  2. Add a white light spring coat, preferably with some texture.  You can also go with a thicker longline cardigan if you prefer. 
  3. Add oversized yet simple jewelry. Mine happens to match the oversized chain on my bag ( yours doesn't have to :-))
  4. Add a white bag.


As mentioned earlier, the base stays the same white denim and cashmere top. The jacket and accessories change as stated below.


  1. Tie a silk scarf around the nape of your hair. If you have been following the runway trends from the latest shows, the Old Hollywood glam is back. The largest fashion houses have set the tone when they brought back the "movie star look" with the head scarfs. So get creative with scarfs: tie them around your ponytails or buns if you don't want to go full glam, but ad a scarf :-)
  2. Add a little color to your outfit with your utility jacket. The deep cherry color is so sultry. I also like the practical shape. And paired with the white denim, the result is a very fresh look, perfect for brunch, in my humble opinion.
  3. Add some statement jewelry. Go big or go home. I am obsessed with curb chain details lately. You find what makes you tick this season and go crazy with it ... well maybe a little crazy, not too much :-)
  4. Add those oversized shades, ladies. You are all set. You are a movie star :-)


For this last look, a moto jacket was in order over the same white denim-tan-cashmere top combo.


  1. Add a suede or faux suede moto jacket. 
  2. Add a tan suede crossbody bag. If that is not an option, you can stay with a black one but look to add texture, so maybe pick one that is made of black suede or has more metal accents so that it will pop out and add more polish to the look.
  3. Add a linen neutral scarf. A tan or light grey one will work great. Mine has little star prints and I find it to be a great accessory for Spring.


  1. LOFT white denim (OLD); similar options HERE, HERE, and HERE
  2. Tan cashmere top (OLD); similar options HERE, HERE and HERE
  3. Nine West Tatiana nude heels; also HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE
  4. White Coat (sample Isabel Alexander); similar options HERE, HERE and  white cardigan HERE and HERE
  5. The Cambridge Satchel Company white bag; also HERE and HERE (added the oversized chain belt myself)
  6. Hieleven tan suede crossbody bag (OLD); similar options HERE, HERE and HERE; also some options in black HERE, and HERE 
  7. The Dark Shop Bracelet
  8. Old Navy utility jacket (available in regular, tall and petite and multiple colors, including camel)
  9. H&M pale pink scarf (OLD); similar options HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE
  10. Aritzia  burgundy scarf (OLD); similar options HERE, HERE and HERE

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And that, my fair ladies, concludes, today's blog post. I hope you enjoyed it and if you did, let me know below in the COMMENTS section. I'd love to know what tips for styling white denim you have in your fashion arsenal :-)