Three Style Tips for Petites on How to Instantly Look Taller | Short Shorts and Long Jackets + the Chic Foldable Bag That You Want to Pack When Traveling this Summer

I have been very shy about shorts as I thought that they were reserved for, you know, the younger crowd. And by younger, I mean really younger, like 16 and under. But then I tried some shorts at  H&M and they looked pretty stylish and I suddenly felt six  feet tall and I realized that I was missing out. So, today, I am going to share five style tips for petites on how to instantly look taller. And yes, as you probably guessed, I will show you how to style shorts with long jackets to create that elongating effect for your small frame. And you can apply the same tips to the micro skirts as well since they are so popular this season.

In addition, I am featuring in this post one of the most amazing find in bags that you don't want to miss: a foldable bag that is made out of leather and that looks posh and luxurious and is great for any occasion. Hence, it is perfect for when you travel on an extended vacation or when you have a business meeting right out of the airport as it will replace the need to carry the two or three other bags you thought you needed. 


  1. Pair a cami with denim shorts. The cami will give you the nice polish with a little bit of feminine touch. That's because camis are usually made of silk or some kind of fabric with a subtle sheen. In addition, silk is a natural fiber that will keep you cool in summer, so, it is a win-win. Keep is slightly loose for comfort and to give the look that effortless vibe. On the other hand,  the denim shorts will bring a little interesting contrast because it will have a tight fit, and if you go for a raw or frayed hem, then the contrast will be even more glaring because of the extra edginess. I like the very dark shorts or the ones that have a grey fade.
  2. Add a white blazer. I prefer the boyfriend blazers nowadays as they are very versatile but also very forgiving. Doesn't the contrast substantially polish the look? Also be sure to pick one that does not cross over your knee. You want a long blazer, not a maxi one. I prefer going mid-thigh as I think that that's the length that gives me the most flattering and elongating effect.
  3. Now add some sock boots. I like the ones from Charles David as they are very comfortable and come in three colors (ivory, grey, and black) and they happen to be on major sale now at DSW ($29 -$59 depending on the color)

**As you can see these tips are pretty simple and easy to follow. One caveat, since styling has everything to do with each person's proportions and frame, you will have to experiment with the length of the blazer. For reference purposes, I am 5.1 feet tall (1.55cm) and have an hourglass silhouette and for me, the best length for the blazer is mid-thigh. If you are just as short as me or shorter, or curvier, you probably want to go with the same length because a longer blazer may have the opposite effect and shorten you. 

Now before I let you go, I wanted to draw your attention to the bag I am featuring. It is a bag from a new label that emerged in 2017. What's so special about this bag is that it is very unique in its design and its features, it is very qualitatively made (crafted out of genuine leather !)  yet the creativity and ingenuity behind its features do not take away from its visual artistry. It is essentially the iPhone of the bags: sleek, minimal, useful, made out of leather, yet is foldable in such a way that you can carry it in your pocket or bag without affecting its shape as it was specifically designed to fold that way. So guess what? It is perfect for business travel and vacations as you can save so much space in your suitcase, and you simply do not need to carry any other bags with you. You just need to bring this one and you are all set. Meet Yee Si - the next generation of bags that is smart, luxurious yet affordable given the craftsmanship and its features and versatility.


  1. Express cami (SOLD OUT); similar HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE (under $50)
  2. H&M shorts; also HERE; see as well similar options HERE (with frayed hems) HERE, and HERE (with raw hems)
  3. New Look white blazer
  4. Charles David sock boots (currently on sale starting at $29; available in ivory, grey and black)
  5. The Dark Shop bracelet
  6. Yee Si foldable black bag
  7. Forever 21 earrings

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