10 Amazing Reasons Why Ritz-Carlton at Tyson's Corner Is the Perfect Destination for Romance, Wine Tasting, Luxury Shopping or Capital Visits

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to stay at the Ritz-Carlton at Tyson's Corner and had an amazing time. But besides the amazing time, I also had the opportunity to experience quality at all levels: the decor in the hotel and suite was very tasteful, the staff was very polite and knowledgeable and never in a rush (which was extremely refreshing), the food was delightful, and the atmosphere was of utter elegance and poise, yet sheer simplicity. It was simple to be there as although you could recognize the quality of service and people, nothing was further from pretentious.

So today, I would like to share with you 10 reasons why Ritz-Carlton at Tyson's Corner is the Perfect destination for romance, wine stating, luxury shopping and capital visits among other great things. 

But before I dive in into those reasons, I'd like to touch a little bit on the background of this amazing hotel.

A Little History

The history of Ritz - Carlton starts way back with Cesare Ritz, "king of hoteliers, and hotelier to kings," who in 1898, with the help of South African millionaire Alfred Beit, and the famous French chef and father of modern French cooking Auguste Escoffier founded the celebrated Hôtel Ritz in the Place Vendôme in Paris.  In the United States, the Ritz-Carlton Investing Company was established by Albert Keller who bought and franchised the name. 

I won't bore you with many historic details about the Ritz hotel's beginnings but I thought it important to mention this bit of information as, after my stay there, it is my belief that the company strongly adheres to its superior standards of service and privacy as it did from its very beginnings. The Ritz is known after all all for revolutionizing the hospitality in America by:

  • adding private baths in each guest room
  • requiring uniforms for the waitstaff, black tie for the Maître d’ and morning suits for all other staff
  • offering gourmet cuisine, a la carte dining and choices for dinners
  • decorating the pubic areas with fresh flowers 

So what are those amazing 10 reasons I mentioned earlier? Well, let's start with the beginning:


We had the pleasure of staying in the Presidential Suite, which is the largest suite. I loved the open space and the decor that was classic, refined and a bit masculine at the first glance, only to realize that it was skillfully balanced with objects of art, refined elements of decor, books out of which lots were on creativity including fashion. I even snapped a couple of pictures of some of those books to purchase them later as they were definitely something that I would have loved to have. 

Then there was a great lovely view. And a telescope for those who wanted to enjoy the Washington DC monuments in the distance. 

Oh, and the bathrooms, they came equipped with marble countertops, softer lights,  and state of the art tech restrooms. That's right! A cheeky tip would be to leave your man in the gadgety restroom while you head out for the shopping haven. Bu on that a bit later :-)

And last but not least, if you are lucky to stay in the Presidential Suite, your stay comes with Club Lounge privileges, which means that you have access to breakfast, lunch, coffee, tea, wine and snacks in the mornings and evenings. I can tell you that everything is delicious, there is staff to assist you and the manager is there to personally greet you and ensure that you have a lovely stay.  You can stay a while if you so desire and enjoy the view or read a book  (there is a healthy book collection, so,  you can sip your cappuccino, eat your macaroons and fuel your brain hopefully some wisdom. 


The lobby commands respect. Paintings from the local Virginian artists are hanging on the walls trying to balance an extravagant chandelier. The decor is imposing yet welcoming.

There is daily champagne served around noon and you can slowly sip from your glass while flipping through the pages of the local newspaper.


I ventured one floor up from the lobby and there I was just after a wedding was over. I even found a fresh bouquet of flowers.  We asked to check the ballroom and were allowed to get in as I wanted to check whether it was actually as large as I heard. And there I was, in what it's supposed to be the largest luxury ballroom in Virginia that can accommodate up to 1,350 guests.


The spa is cozy and intimate and nears the pool. The menu of beauty treatments has some interesting prescriptions and some even promise to render your skin  'selfie-ready'. I know they do because I tried the mangosteen facial and it did amazing things to my complexion. The aesthetician was also very knowledgeable and skilled.


Entyse, the hotel's wine bar, lounge, and bistro has an amazing menu and a very knowledgeable staff. The wine menu is not for amateurs and should you want to try something spectacular, ask to speak with Vincent Ferraud. He is a respected Sommelier and Wine Director at the Ritz with a sparkling personality comparable to the best of the French champagne. Do not stray from his recommendations if you aim to be awed. He knows his craft, so, trust his charm and choices.  

For wine lovers: he also runs a Wine Club that bears his name.

Going back to the food selection.  The menu at Entyse is meant to impress even the pickiest of the foodies. The chefs are very accommodating to those with dietary restrictions as well, as it was in my case, since I eat predominantly a plant-based diet and only occasionally indulge in sushi. Also, in the restaurant area, there is live music. We enjoyed a lovely night of soft live jazz and as you can see, we even took the liberty of warming up the piano expert's seat the next day.


The Ritz still carries the tradition of afternoon tea that most of the hotels have long since renounced. On Fridays, they offer seatings from noon to 2:00 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays there are four seatings available: at 12:00pm, 12:30 pm, 3:30 pm and 4:00 pm. 

As you can see I decided to patiently wait for my tea :-)


The hotel itself connects with one of the most luxurious shopping malls in the area, the Tyson's Galleria. Once you've read your paper while casually sipping on your daily champagne in the lovely hotel lobby on the 4th floor, all you need to do it follow the signs toward the shopping area and you'll step into the world of luxurious shopping of the most coveted labels. All at your fingertips. I am guessing that the shopping in this place is highly appreciated as the hotel offers a special Retail Therapy Package which includes a breakfast for two and $50 gift shopping card for any of the mall stores. 


The hotel is strategically placed to offer a stellar experience to those who would like to experience what we locals call the DMV tri-state area, which stands for the District of Columbia, Maryland and  Virginia's metropolitan area. 

All you need is to hop on the Silver line metro to get into Washington DC within minutes should you want to explore the monuments or other of the capital's attractions. From there you can also switch onto the Red line metro and dive into Maryland.

The hotel itself has a list of suggestions for the Capital and local attractions, among which the RDV Vineyards Experience


Usually unnoticed is the little garden in front of the hotel. But if you are ever sitting down at the Entyse waiting patiently for your tea or wine, you may spot the gardener working assiduously and trimming the leaves to perfection. It is said that the Versailles Gardens themselves served as inspiration for this little green gem. I have this info on good authority :-)


In its true tradition of cultivating perfection and superior service, it seems to me that it is still the hotel's culture to carefully hand-pick its staff and experts for their superior skills but also personality. Every time I had a question, or needed directions, I was given answers in the most welcoming way, without false politeness that you so often encounter in the service and hospitality industry. That tells me one thing: the hotel takes interest in its people, invests in them which is why they are happy to be there and serve. 

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