Real Talk about Skin and Aging Gracefully with Dr. Terrence Keaney from SkinDC | Part 1 - The Importance of a Great Dermatologist in Your Life

The secret is out, I am older than I look :-). At least I hope that is the case and that people are not gratuitously saying that. And no, this blog post is not going to be one of those heart-felt stories where I go through my virtual mid-life or existential crisis, fight my inner demons and come to accept my mortality along with my pesky crow-feet wrinkles under my eyes.

What I do intend on talking about are the following:

  1. the importance of a great dermatologist in your life

  2. the three most common and obvious signs of aging that people overlook and ways to prevent and treat them

  3. the importance of incorporating Botox and fillers in your regular skincare regimen

And I intend on addressing all these issues in a 3-part blog series.

 PART 1. The Importance of a Great Dermatologist in Your Life

 I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a great dermatologist. Once you hit 30s your skin becomes very high maintenance, especially if you are a woman as not only you are battling the first signs of ageing, but you are also dealing with hormonal issues that affect your skin tone, texture and radiance, or to be more precise, lack thereof. Chances are that at this age you are also going through lifestyle changes if you are raising a family, which with all its blessings, also brings, stress, lack of sleep and proper exercise, a proper diet and … yes, acne. The problem is that we humans are creatures of habit and as such, we keep doing the same things we did in our 20s expecting that they would work in our 30s or 40s. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Starting with our 20s we lose 1% of collagen every year, we also loose from 8%-20% of melanocytes every decade after our 20s, which leads slowly but surely to skin sagging, sun spots and discolorations, and gray hair. Not exactly a picture of youth anymore, is it?  J

 The best thing you can do in your 30s (and if you are younger than that, start now as aging starts in your early 20s !) is to find a dermatologist you plan on seeing and working with on a long-term basis and who is going to learn how your skin evolves in the coming years in order to better help you address its ever-changing needs.

While it would be amazing if we could find a magic potion that we could take to solve all our skin issues, let’s face it, each person is different, our diets and lifestyles are different and so,  is our skin that is continuously reacting and changing as well.

In my late-20s I started using sunscreen every day on my face, hands and arms, even if I would step out for a few minutes. That decision paid off even if sunscreens at that time weren’t so great (they used to be much oilier). But I looked up the very best at that time which was the Anthelios 60 SPF by Roche Posay because it was the only one on the US market that provided for UVA and UVB protection. At $55 for 1.7 oz a bottle (it was more expensive then since it just came on the market!), it was an investment as I just came to the US and was a frugal student. Fast forward today and I can’t congratulate myself enough for my decision. You know why? Because I took care of my skin for me. Because it was  important to me. And because I am important to me and so is the way I look every day. This is not about vanity. This is about me having respect towards my own person.

Today I use a Korean brand sunscreen. I still use it every day. I still apply it all over my hands, arms and legs if I expose them, even if I get out only for 5 minutes and even if I stay indoors. Today, I also choose to invest in a great dermatologist because my skin has matured, and I need a professional to help me maintain and prevent my skin from the aging process as much as practicable.

 What hasn’t changed is that, just like in my 20s, today I still would chose great skin every time over makeup. I’d rather invest more in having great skin than in expensive makeup. I’d rather not need makeup to conceal blemishes and imperfections.  Because make-up washes off and creates an illusion and I always looked at makeup as a way to enhance your skin not cover it. But great skin is there regardless. All I can say is this: boy I’m glad I am not a man trying to date nowadays as I would have such a hard time figuring out how women look J

I am of an opinion that if your you value yourself, then you invest in yourself. Invest in your education, health, diet, fitness and skincare. Be beautiful in and out. For you. Because you deserve it, you live only once and your skin plays a crucial part in your health and confidence. So why wouldn’t you want to make your skin a priority and invest in it?

 That said, if you value and respect your person, at this stage of your life, your dermatologist should be more important to you than your primary care physician. Mine is. It took a while to find one that I could really trust as a person and expert but I finally did. Meet Dr. Terrence Keanney, a doctor and dermatologist  and a pioneer of “personalized dermatology”, a published author and an international lecturer, passionate about his field and always looking for innovative ways to combine the science of dermatology with skincare and aesthetics. He has authored over 20 articles in dermatology journals and delivered over 75 national and international lectures. He is also one of the top 20 master injectors in the country. And to top it off, he knows all about the latest South Korean skin care, treatments and plastic surgery techniques that are said to be most sophisticated in the world at this point -)!

I met him a few months ago when he partnered with Beyonce’s celebrity make-up artist Sir John on a lecture and demonstration of his latest injections techniques by taking in consideration the lights and shadows on a human face. The idea behind this technique is to inject in such a manner as to ‘highlight’ certain areas of the face in the same way one contours and highlights the face. Dr. Keaney delivered a spectacular lecture and presentation that simply captivated the audience (including my boyfriend who is an IT nerd and photographer and thought that this was “supercool” and “fascinating”).

My point is that once you meet Dr. Keaney you’ll also find out that not only he is a natural talent that continuously sharpens his skills through constant practice and education but that he is also one of the wittiest and humblest persons you’ll ever meet. He’s also very light handed and has great bedside manners and makes every visit a pleasant encounter rather than a clinical appointment.

Another thing that you’ll probably notice when you visit Dr. Terence Keaney’s practice: his staff has amazing skin and speak very highly of him. His offices are chic and modernly decorated and his assistants are pleasant and welcoming.

Finally, his practice offers a wide variety of services for men and women, from dermatology, anti-aging (injectables, lasers and radio-frequency) and skin cancer treatments, to hair restoration and body contouring services.

As mentioned earlier, each patient is given the utmost attention and respect so that they receive the best results they strive for. Also Dr. Terrence Keaney’s approach is one that focuses on the end result and as such, he doesn’t charge ‘per area’ as so many experienced doctors still do, rendering anti-aging treatments expensive and often incomplete. He will work with you to get you to the end result and trust me when I say that he will get your there.

You will usually start with a cosmetic consultation and a Visia Skin Analysis in order to assess the actual age of your skin, its texture, sun damage, the density of your lashes, the wrinkles etc, all of which are important to determine the best treatments for your skin going forward.


I don’t pretend to be a fortune-teller but I can assure you that once you meet Dr. Keaney you will want to take action and work with him long-term. So, if you live in the Washington DC area or in the neighboring states, take a look at his website and make an appointment especially now that we are close to Valentine’s Day and that 2019 is afoot. Trust me when I say this to you: this is the kind of dermatologist and doctor that you will want to work with even if you are out-of-state.

Finally, for the entire month of January his practice is offering 10% off the PRP treatments.

Not to spoil the surprise but a genie also whispered to me that he may be having a 15% off the lip injections treatments for entire month of February as well. Don’t delay booking an appointment as his schedule gets filled-up pretty quickly.

If you’d like to see Dr. Terrence Keaney in the action, check my Instagram at @isabel.alexander. I have saved several videos under Anti-Aging & Dermatology and Lip Injections highlights where you can see him treat me with fillers and Botox.

You can also follow his personal account under @drtkeaney and his practice under @skindcderm to stay updated on their latest promotions.

 I shall bid you sweet good-bye for now, because I do have a great dermatologist :-) and will continue my post next week with Part 2 - The 3 Signs of Aging That People Don’t Notice Right Away and Ways to Prevent and Treat Them

Stay wrinkle free my friends  :-)


XX Isabel

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