Two Ways To Wear Trench Coats in Winter | Learn How To Creatively Layer Them Now and Wear Them As Well for Spring

This season we have seen lots of oversized coats and fur teddies in white and deep brown tones. While I love trends, nothing turns me off more than an over popular trend. That’s because although interesting at the beginning, even the most interesting trend becomes kitschy because it becomes so common, so over-worn by everyone, so overdone and knocked-off by all fast fashion brands. Classics, however, endure and are always a good investment especially if you care to buy one with a quality of design, construction, and fabric. Trench coats are one such classic because they have a structural design and look very posh if they fit one’s frame right. What you probably didn’t think about is that you can actually wear them all year long, including in winter, with some creative styling.

So in today’s post, I would like to show you two ways to wear trench coats in winter and how to learn to creatively layer them now and wear them later on in spring as well.


  1. Layer a waterproof trench coat with a plaid trench coat made out of wool. Aim for different textures in fabric and different patterns in the fabric. In my first outfit I am wearing a waterproof reversible trench coat as a dress and on top, I am wearing a wool coat with a trench coat design that also has a plaid pattern. So, as you can see the contrast in the fabric is dual: waterproof and khaki under and wool and plaid on top. The contrast works well to bring out the textures and renders the outfit very interesting. Also, the waterproof properties on the trench coat insulate very well in winter, and despite both coats not being thick, you will stay warm and cozy.

  2. Wear a leather jacket under the trench coat. Mine is vegan leather and, again, although thin, it insulates very well while adding a sleek vibe to the formal pants. What I love about styling is finding ways to create interesting contrasts to bring out the main elements of the outfit. Here, as you can see the blue of the pants and the olive of the trench pop because these two colors go very well together. The color of both is amplified by the leather jacket that has a little sheen and the overall result is very interesting and versatile.

To see how I styled this reversible trench coat in more than five ways, see also How to Wear a Trench Coat in More Than Ways | Meet Clothia’s Convertible Trench Coat That Can Be Worn as a Trench, Jacket, Reversible Vest and a Skirt That You Can Mix and Match


  1. CLOTHIA Womenson reversible transformer trench coat, also in tan HERE

  2. NEW LOOK wool coat; also similar HERE and HERE

  3. Navy pants; also similar HERE and HERE

  4. Pierre Darre bag with oversized links; also similar HERE

  5. PRETTY LITTLE THING patent boots; also similar HERE and HERE

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