Real Talk about Skin and Aging Gracefully with Dr. Terrence Keaney from SkinDC | PART 2 – The Three Most Common and Obvious Signs of Aging that People Overlook and Ways to Treat and Prevent Them

Last week I discussed The Importance of a Great Dermatologist in Your Life in my 3-part blog series and today, I would like to continue with the 3 most common and obvious signs of aging that people overlook and ways to prevent and treat them.

When people think of aging skin, they typically think of wrinkles. However, wrinkles by themselves wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for other aging factors that when combined, give someone that “tired look” that intensifies over time and results in an overall aged look.

One often can’t really pin-point what they are but if you look closely, you can break them down into three main culprits: 1) dry and dull skin 2) sunken eyes and 3) sun spots and enlarged pores.


This one is particularly insidious because it sort of sneaks upon you quietly and over time. One day your skin is eternally radiant, then you start noticing that it has become blotchier and drier. At first you blame the cold weather, then the summer days, then the stress or the lack of adequate sleep … And you are right, it is all that but it is also one other simple thing: the passage of time.

Before your 20s your skin has this perfect 28-day cycle of cell turnaround. So, no matter how much you abuse your skin, it bounces back. This is the golden age when you ‘can sleep all day, party all night’ and always look incredible with just moisturizer and blush. Starting with mid-20s the 28-day skin regeneration process starts slowing down and declines with every coming year. That eventually translates into those dry patches and blotches which are nothing but an indication that your skin is unable to regenerate all the damage caused within the 28 days. The ‘unrepaired stuff’ unfortunately, keeps building up over time and is what we eventually perceive as aging. Also starting with your 20s, the skin losses about 1% of collagen every year.


  • drink lots of water and use moisturizers that have hyaluronic acid. A good recommendation would be the serum and moisturizer from SkinMedica.

  • Sleep at least 8 hours. Your body is like a computer – it needs the night sleep to do its updates and reboots (i.e repairs of all or most damage done during the day).

  • Consult with your dermatologist and get on a regular schedule of microderms, radio-frequency and laser treatments. The microderms will gently exfoliate your skin’s outer layer ensuring that your skin doesn’t have “the buildup” of dry skin. So not more dullness and patches! The lasers and radio-frequency treatments will stimulate the deeper layers of your skin by causing controlled micro damage and by forcing the skin to produce new scar tissue, hence, new collagen fibers. That will mimic the original regeneration process before your 20s as your skin will produce new collagen fibers and it will remain elastic and toned. You will have to keep up with these treatments since by 30s your skin has lost considerably its natural ability to regenerate efficiently on its own.

  • The Sciton Broadband laser (BBL) is a last generation laser used for hair removal, lifting procedures but also for removal of redness, age sports, small veins and other blemishes. Consult your dermatologist if that is an option for you or whether you need it. It is a great laser treatment that targets redness, broken capillaries, bruises and rosacea. If you are in my area (or reasonable driving or flying distance), I highly recommend Dr. Tererance Keaney from SkinDC where they offer treatments with this laser and many other laser and radiofrequency treatments.


The hollow eyes typically appear in our 30s but some may get them earlier due to genetics, bad lifestyle habits, or if they habitually skimp on good sleep and finally, due to the simple process of ageing. They can also result when someone loses too much body fat. The point is that once you see someone having hollow under-eye areas, you know they are no longer in their 20s, or if they are, their skin has definitely aged beyond their actual age.



Too much time at the beach without sunscreen will surely result in unsightly sun spots and discolorations that will become more prominent with time. Then add the enlarged pores and you can no longer claim nonchalantly that you are in your 20s. Pores always give away older age because they affect the overall texture of the skin. Pores become larger in your 30s or as early as your mid 20s, depending on your genetics, skin regimen and also hormonal fluctuations (thanks mother nature … again!).


  •   Consult with your dermatologist as to what type of laser treatment is appropriate for you to remove or reduce some of those sun spots and to even out your complexion. Incorporate serums and creams rich in Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. The first will have lighting effect and the latter will trap moisture in your skin maintaining its elasticity longer.

  • Consult your dermatologist to see if you should undergo a fraxional laser, a BBL and/or HALO laser which are great for skin rejuvenation and also for ‘erasing pores’.  SkinDC offers all three treatments.

If you are following me on Instagram you saw my posts about my dermatologist, Dr. Terrence Keanney and his team at SkinDC. He is extremely talented, a reputed expert in his field, a published author who also delivered over 75 lectures in the country and abroad.  He is also a great colleague, well respected in his community by his peers and work colleagues. And he is funny making every visit a breeze.

If you’d like to see Dr. Terrence Keaney in the action, check my Instagram at @isabel.alexander I have saved several videos under Anti-Ageing & Dermatology and Lip Injections highlights where you can see him treat me with fillers and Botox.

Check especially the procedure where he is injecting Botox in the very fine lines under my eye, which is a very advanced and new technique that requires lots of skill and expertise!

You can also follow his personal account under @drtkeaney and his practice under @skindcderm to stay updated on their latest promotions. Currently he’s offering 15% off on lip fillers until February 28 !

I will take leave now until next week when I will be back for my Part 3 - The Importance of Incorporating Botox and Fillers in Your Regular Skincare Regimen

Until then, may your skin be smooth and radiant and if that is not the case, well you know what to do to make it happen :-)


 XX Isabel

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