How to Layer Linen, Wool, and Silk to Create the Most Versatile, Stylish and Practical Spring Outfits

Spring has officially blessed us with its presence, and while I enjoy the blooming trees and green grass, I enjoy less the deceivingly and ever changing weather. That’s why, my trick for comfort and style this spring is to wear layers. And I love nothing more than styling different textures because they create truly interesting results. IN this post I’ll demonstrate how to create three most versatile, stylish and practical spring outfits by layering linen, wool and silk.


  1. Contrasting textures always create interesting combinations. In my first outfit, I start with an olive silk short and white linen pants. It is a great classic combo that is best worn when the temperatures are the warmest

  2. The second outfit showcases the same silk shirt-linen pants layered with a casual long cardigan. This outfit offers comfort and coziness for when the temperatures suddenly drop and can be worn for a wide rage of occasions from semi-formal to casual ones.

  3. Finally, the third one is a little more refined and again is a great option for work, business and more formal environments. The zipper trim on the cardigan is such a elegant touch and the soft cashmere content against the silk shirt amplifies the luxurious feel of the entire outfit. In fact, all the natural fibers of the outfit exude luxury and refinement and make you also feel not only elegant but also comfortable at a whole different level.