The Hypocrisy Behind America's & Fashion Industry's Obsession about Size | And Two Easy Outfits You Can Wear (But Will Never Wear) at Work

For those who don’t live in the US, let me let you the biggest marketing scam of all times: America is not this stylish place you see on TV and is definitely not this place they also portray on TV where creativity and fashion live in harmony, models are treated right and a woman’s size has finally stopped being an issue.

Everything is an issue. Everything is up for political debate: a woman’s size, her sexuality, privacy, her right to exit. This is America of today. And there is nothing fashionable about it.

While Americans get larger, the fashion industry gets stupider and more extreme. While most applaud them for coming around and finally making clothes for the plus size demographic, what they did is what they have always done: deceived its customer because its ultimate goal has always been to scare them into buying more by appealing to their fears and vanity.

And that is because deep down, this industry never tried to empower women – their intentions are still deeply rooted in consumerism: sell at all costs. So, they do what they always do best: deceive its customer by making the larger sizes seem smaller so that the plus size women “feel better about themselves”, aka by enabling them to continue to stay larger.

But what they fail to understand is that by misnaming the larger sizes with smaller labels, they also eliminated 3-4 smaller sizes.

So, in order to accommodate the plus sizes through this “vanity” sizing, (they actually call it that - how ridiculous is that?), the smaller and petite demographic can’t find clothing their size anymore. Meaning women like me + 40 % of US’s population (yes, 40% of women in the US are petite!) is told to go and shop in the kid’s section, as if that would be an acceptable thing to say to a grown woman …

That’s America. And that’s fashion in America. Now you tell me if that is diversity to you and if accommodating plus sizes at the expense of petite sizes is OK. As far as I know diversity means to represent everyone equally and I do not see petites being represented in fashion. AT ALL.

I have seen older models, plus size models, transgender models etc at the New York fashion Week’s runways. But I have yet to see a petite model.

Style Tip 1: A creme or neutral bag like the one I am wearing from Joseph & Stacey is a must-have especially in warmer seasons. A clean design like this one can be worn with from day to night.

Style Tip 2:

A strand of pearls and pearl earrings go a long way. Take queues from the iconic beauties like Audrey Hepburn and stick with classic pieces like: red lipstick and white shiny pearls :-). Both a great investment and girl’s best friend … for a very long time.

Style Tip 3: Buy a pair of white heels. Never ever I have gotten so many compliments on these simple classic pumps that I am wearing from Nine West that cost me only $39.99 and are so good to my feet both visually and comfort wise. I recently bought these again because the last pair got worn out and I figured the white heels need to become a staple in my closet. So, I raised them to the “must-haves”.

Now…regarding the fashion sense in the US … What you see on Instagram and movies, with the big NY splash and Times Square, that’s a “postcard”. It’s a sucker’s ad and if you fall for it, well, you deserve to buy it.

And the US “style” bloggers – most that actually have style are not American, and those that don’t have style but have hustle, will sell you cheap but not chic items “for only $20” an item every day on LikeToKnowIt or other affiliate like platforms, to get commissions on every sale. In other words, you got yourself an army of salespeople on Instagram that try to sell you $20 items every day that fall apart after 10 washes. If you are looking for style, you need to find it elsewhere but on Instagram or US. For someone who has come from Europe – the US fashion scene is very much the same as it has been since its post-industrial time: women are overworked even if not doing 2-3 jobs and you still see them carry their sport shoes at their bus/metro for their shifts, something that you will never see in Europe. Although the factory era has ended, the fashion scene hasn’t changed much for women in that respect and still mirrors a lifestyle of a factory woman. (Sorry US babes, – feeling deeply for your condition here, truly, believe me. )

As for my sarcasm in the second header – my outfits are actually affordable, but I know most American women will never dress like that at work because they don’t wear heels and skirts.

I think one of my work colleagues put it very simply when he said and I quote: “I feel like fashion is something that everyone talks about but nobody really does at work”, when I shared with him that I did fashion blogging outside work.

I am constantly overdressed at work because I dress like you see it in this blog. Most of my colleagues wear ballet flats, black cardigans, black leggings, a full black outfit or in a best-case scenario khaki with a white shirt or what I call a black and white ‘waiter’s outfit”. The effort is truly minimal especially now with the rise from working from home.

That said, America is far from fashionable.


  1. Patrizia Pepe camisole (SOLD OUT); similar HERE and HERE

  2. Marlene Birger pink cardigan (SOLD OUT); similar HERE, HERE and HERE

  3. Marlene Birger black cardigan (SOLD OUT); similar HERE, HERE

  4. Escada skirt (vintage); similar HERE, HERE and HERE

  5. Nine West white heels HERE

  6. Nine West beige & black tips heels HERE

  7. Joseph & Stacey bag HERE ; interchangeable strap HERE


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