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Real Talk about Skin and Aging Gracefully with Dr. Terrence Keaney from SkinDC | PART 2 – The Three Most Common and Obvious Signs of Aging that People Overlook and Ways to Treat and Prevent Them

Last week I discussed The Importance of a Great Dermatologist in Your Life in my 3-part blog series and today, I would like to continue with the 3 most common and obvious signs of aging that people overlook and ways to prevent and treat them.

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Real Talk about Skin and Aging Gracefully with Dr. Terrence Keaney from SkinDC | Part 1. The Importance of a Great Dermatologist in Your Life

Valentine is around the corner, and I always receive a lot of questions about my skin and the secret behind its youthful glow. As lovely as I look with makeup on ( which I use minimally), there is nothing that I love more than beautiful skin which doesn’t need foundations and correctors to be covered.

In this 3 part blog series, I share some of my beauty secrets and I will talk about

  1. the importance of a great dermatologist in your life

  2. the three most common and obvious signs of aging that people overlook and ways to prevent and treat them

  3.   the importance of incorporating Botox and fillers in your regular skincare regimen

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Two Ways To Wear Trench Coats in Winter | Learn How To Creatively Layer Them Now and Wear Them As Well for Spring

Trends are fun, however, classics, endure and are always a good investment especially if you care to buy one with a quality of design, construction, and fabric. Trench coats are one such classic. What you probably didn’t think about is that you can actually wear them all year long, including in winter, with some creative styling. So, in today’s post, I would like to show you two ways to wear trench coats in winter and how to learn to creatively layer them now and wear them later on in spring as well.

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How to Mix Earthy Tones this Winter || Or How To Stay Chic and Warm with a Warmer Color Palette

In this post I am sharing style advice on how to mix and match earthy tones, textures, and how to wear tan and earthy colors for cooler seasons. A warmer color palette conveys an inner comfort and warmth which keeps us warm and chic while also building a smart monochrome and versatile wardrobe.

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Black & White Plaid Coats and How to Layer them with Thinner Coats or Leather Jackets to Stay Warm this Winter

You have seen the plaid trend gaining popularity since early fall. The plaid blazers, then the plaid trench coats and now, finally the plaid coats. I resisted as much as I could but I finally gave in when I saw the RIGHT kind of plaid for me: the black & white plaid that I find so much more refined and timeless as compared to the trendier gray. So, in today’s post, I would like to share some style tips on how to wear black & white plaid coats and how to layer them with thinner coats or leather jackets in order to stay warm this winter.

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How to Wear the Logomania Trend This Fall With Affordable and Designer Options By Incorporating It In Your Clothes and Accessories

In this blog post I am sharing style tips on how to style the logomania trend that will continue to stay throughout this fall. I’m sharing tips on how to style t-shirts with minimal logos and busy logo designs as well as tips on how rock the logomania trend by incorporating it in accessories such as, designer belts or bags.

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A Recap of The Miami Swim Week 2018: How the Classic Luxe, the Luxurious Glam, the Exotic Orient, the 80s and the 90s Made Some Noise That Week

In this post I covered fashion shows I went to during the Miami Swim Week 2018. I also I shared a quick guide as to what to pack if you are traveling to Miami or another beach town or tropical destination and would like to pack smart but effectively and have a lot of chic outfit options.

I shared five items that I packed during the Miami Swim Week that I mixed and matched and also posted some pictures on how I styled them during the Swim Week.

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What to Wear to a Modern-Day Casino as a Daytime Outfit | Five Reasons You Should See the Live! Casino Hotel and Its One-of-a-Kind Attractions

It is beautiful outside and I am in full vacation mode. And as I was browsing for places to go and things to do on my next vacation,  I stumbled upon an interesting article where some were asking what would be an appropriate daytime outfit for a casino. That struck a chord with me as I was reading the posted answers and felt that most of them left me wanting for more.

So, in today's post, I will share my tips on what I think an appropriate daytime outfit for a casino should be. I will also share with you five reasons you should visit the Live! Casino in Arundel Mills, Maryland where I was extended an invitation to the grand opening of their Live! Hotel and Live! Spa as well, the reason why I had to actually put in practice what I am actually sharing with you. So let us get started.

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Style Your Jewelry Right: How to Stack Rings, Layer Coin Chokers, and Lariat Necklaces this Season | The New and Updated Summer 2018 Edit

So you know how I talk about various ways to style a top or a pant? Well today, I will talk about ways to style jewelry. And specifically, how to stack rings, layer coin chokers, and lariat necklaces because these, my lovelies, are all the rage this summer. And, as you know, I am very discriminate when it comes to trends, namely, I only go for those that suit my style and have a little more longevity, and these two check both of those boxes.  So let's get started. 

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