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The New Fashion Scene in Washington DC in 2017

Fashion is such a universal language. Yet not while ago, it was only in the “Big Four” fashion capitals that designers could get a start in the world of fashion. Things changed and while Washington DC is in its incipient phase when it comes to fashion opportunities, fashion education, and concentration of designers, it is a promising start worth observing.

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Staying Smooth with Tria Laser Precision
Wrap midi skirts stories

In my previous post I addressed 4 different types and lengths of skirts suitable for petites, and really anyone who likes to look taller and slimmer. Although I addressed the Chanel style midi pencil skirt in that post, midi skirts come in various shapes. So, in this post I will explore another type of midi skirt: the A-line wrap midi skirt. 

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Boots are almost an all-year round accessory. You’ve seen them in mesh and with open-toe in the Summer, and with transparent or embellished heels, made out knit, or embroidered fabric .. 

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