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How to Not be a Tourist in Milan | Six Tips on Getting an Authentic Experince

If this is your first trip to Italy you are probably very excited, and Milan, being a fashion capital of the world, is most definitely on your list. In today’s post, I will share my impressions from Milan along with some tips on how to NOT be a tourist in Milan and enjoy the city in a more authentic way.

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Staying Smooth with Tria Laser Precision
Wrap midi skirts stories

In my previous post I addressed 4 different types and lengths of skirts suitable for petites, and really anyone who likes to look taller and slimmer. Although I addressed the Chanel style midi pencil skirt in that post, midi skirts come in various shapes. So, in this post I will explore another type of midi skirt: the A-line wrap midi skirt. 

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Boots are almost an all-year round accessory. You’ve seen them in mesh and with open-toe in the Summer, and with transparent or embellished heels, made out knit, or embroidered fabric .. 

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