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How To Transition To Fall Elegantly In Simple Denim Jackets

I love transitional outfits because they allow me to wear pretty layers like light sweaters and cardigans, and cool jackets. September is a velvet like season to me: the sun is mild and warm like the touch of velvet, and the the little breeze reminds me of quiet ocean waters. And that's why although

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The Wrap Utility Dress | Ways To Transition To Fall

Like it or not, Fall is around the corner. It has been, sadly, a very short summer, especially in my area and we have been getting a lot of rain and cloudy days. And so, I have been thinking that it is time to share some Summer outfits that you can easily transition to Fall. One such outfit is the utility dress as you can sill flirt with the summer days yet be prepared for cooler nights.

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